PS MEPs come to the Algarve to see works co-financed by the EU

The delegation will be in different parts of the Algarve

The Portuguese MEPs elected by the PS will be in the Algarve on Friday, July 14th, to promote the initiative “Roteiros Europa: Turismo de Futuro no Algarve”, whose objective is to «highlight the importance of the European Union and the European Parliament for people and regions'.

Throughout that day, the Socialist deputies of the European Parliament «will visit the result of investments already made that have contributed to enhancing the territories, creating jobs and improving public services in Portugal, from tangible and intangible heritage to the most advanced proposals for ecological tourism» .

The tour begins in the Western Algarve, at 10 am, with a visit to the Costa Vicentina cycle path, followed by visits to the Discoveries Multimedia Center in the Fortress of Sagres (10 am) and the Sunboat company, in Portimão (11 pm).

Socialist MEPs head towards Sotavento, to visit the Clinical Simulation Center of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Algarve, in Faro (17h30), and the Artisans and Creativity Center of Loulé (19h10).

From 19 pm, the Socialist Forum will take place: “The Europe of people and regions”, in the former Convent of Espírito Santo, in Loulé.