Project “Castro Marim (com)Vida” says goodbye with Revista à Portuguesa

Project «provided support, company, new dynamics and activities and a lot of joy to the castromarinense community»

The “Castro Marim (com)Vida” project, a 4G Local Social Development Contract, is coming to an end and will say goodbye with the show “We Are Magazine”, by Boa Esperança, at Revelim de Santo António, on Friday , June 16th, at 20:30 pm. 

This initiative, with free entrance, will close this project of the Municipality of Castro Marim and coordinated by the Odiana association «which, for three years, provided support, company, new dynamics and activities and a lot of joy to the Castromarin community», according to the municipality.

«With close work and networking in the castromarinense community, “Castro Marim (COM)Vida” promoted a set of actions motivated by minimizing the social exclusion of the most fragile groups, namely children, young people and their families, the elderly and people with disability and/or incapacity", he added.

«As a project with community support and therefore very restrictive in the actions it finances, the team and the network of partners were able to transform an adversity into an excellent form of humanized social and cultural work. Joy, laughter, conviviality, bring health, and today, without a doubt, all the many beneficiaries, in addition to strengthening interpersonal relationships, keep good memories of the beautiful experience they experienced and encourage them to continue with their own municipal investment» , emphasizes Filomena Sintra, vice-president of the Municipality of Castro Marim.

“Castro Marim (com) VIDA” was co-financed by CRESC Algarve 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union.