Lagoa: rehabilitation work on the Bela Vista multi-sport complex is completed

Intervention cost around 65 thousand euros and lasted 90 days

The rehabilitation works of the Bela Vista multi-sport stadium, in Parchal, in the municipality of Lagoa, which cost around 65 euros and lasted 90 days, are now complete.

According to the Municipality of Lagoa, «for some time now, the multipurpose space needed requalification, namely the replacement of synthetic grass».

In addition to the floor, "some walls were degraded and unpainted", which led the Municipality of Lagoa to intervene, "again providing the necessary conditions for the practice of informal sports" in this equipment which, according to the municipality, is one of the most used in the county.

In a note, the Câmara de Lagoa recalls that, at the end of 2022, the municipality reclassified the Praia do Carvoeiro sports complex, replacing the floor, the protective net of the enclosure, placing synthetic grass, reinforcing the drainage system, as well as painting all the surrounding walls.

This year, the synthetic flooring of the Vales' multipurpose rooms should also be replaced.

The intervention in the multi-sports facility in Bela Vista is part of the Municipal Sports Development Strategy, namely in the first strategic axis – “Sports for all”, where the municipality promotes the practice of physical exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, fights sedentary lifestyle, in all the age groups.

«In Lagoa we promote the practice of informal sports, creating conditions for it to happen. This intervention is in line with the strategy defined by the Municipality and spaces like this have been hugely popular with the population, being a huge success», said Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa.