Artificial Intelligence makes ARS Algarve services «faster» and «efficient»

Radiology Service of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve has already carried out close to 29 thousand exams with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is making ARS Algarve services «faster, more efficient» and has guaranteed «more comfort for the user», reveals the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve in a note sent this Monday, April 17, to the newsrooms .

«Among the benefits of the most recent technological advances in the Health sector, we highlight the carrying out of diagnostic tests and analysis of medical data with greater speed and efficiency and, consequently, the provision of better health care to the user», reveals the same entity, noting that, at the moment, the Radiology service of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve carried out close to 29 thousand exams with Artificial Intelligence.

According to the ARS Algarve, «in recent years, a great deal has been made in image digitization and data storage, as well as in AI for reading chest exams, retinography images and in the “Radiology in the Community” project ( portable X-ray unit that makes it possible to carry out examinations at home), ensuring faster diagnoses».

«We want to diagnose earlier, to treat better. We want to provide better care to our users», says Paulo Morgado, chairman of the board of directors.

«The new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence that allows the early detection of a set of eleven pathologies in the X-rays of the thorax, make it possible for doctors to make diagnoses right at the user's home», he reinforces, referring to the new portable X-ray equipment of the ARS Algarve Radiology service.



The new Artificial Intelligence solutions from ARS Algarve use the new Data Center structure, enjoying all the data security and confidentiality guarantees. According to Joaquim Azevedo, responsible for the Center for Information and Communication Systems at the Grouping of Health Centers – Central, it is «thanks to its central architecture that the Data Center enables all professionals to have quick and remote access to the platform, through any device and from anywhere».

The introduction of AI in the services of ARS Algarve has undoubtedly revolutionized the healthcare provided to the user.

«The use of direct digital detectors allows us to acquire images with greater diagnostic accuracy and, simultaneously, using less radiation», explains Paula Simãozinho, coordinator of the Radiology service at ARS Algarve.

«We were able to improve image resolution while reducing radiation on users», continues the coordinator.

In a note, ARS Algarve states that «it has been structuring its services inspired by an increasingly digital future and with the aim of working towards better health for all».