Security at events is the theme of a seminar in Albufeira

On the 30th of March

The main guidelines regarding the planning, organization and coordination of events, with a special focus on security, will be discussed at the seminar “Security at Events – Tourist Destinations”, which will take place on the 30th of March, at the Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira , between 9 am and 00 pm.

In this initiative, which will be moderated by Elisabete Rodrigues, director of Sul Informação, topics such as «the legal regime in the context of holding events, specifically those that take place in itinerant and improvised venues; reflect on the need to structure and manage procedures», according to the Albufeira Chamber, which organizes the seminar.

On the other hand, a reflection will be made "on the threats and cooperation between those responsible for the security area" and "the impacts of holding events in tourist destinations".

These events are «extremely important to carry out», because «they put the main players and those responsible for security face to face, providing them with the opportunity to reflect on an area that has important implications for the image of tourist destinations».

«The growth of travel and tourism at a global level makes security a decisive factor when choosing the destination for your next vacation. With the growth of the tourist industry, the offer of large events at national and international level also increased, bringing together thousands of people in the same space, with security as a critical success factor and important consequences for the image of the event, the city and the country that organizes it”, points out José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira.

During the morning, there will be a panel dedicated to Security at Events, with the following themes: “Choosing a (very) safe destination: the risk perception of tourists visiting the Algarve (Maria Brás – Universidade do Algarve); Security and Risk Management at Events and Tourist Destinations (Daniel Neves – Lourinhã Civil Protection); How can cultural agendas become important tourist attractions or the importance of cultural and creative tourism in the image of a tourist destination (Alexandra Rodrigues – University of Algarve); The contribution of events to tourism development (Carla Ponte – Municipality of Albufeira).

The work session resumes after lunch, at 14 pm, with the second panel on Risk Management which features the following interventions: Medical emergency devices in mass events (Tiago Augusto – INEM); Tourism Security in the events industry – Prevention and Security Plans (Domingos Antunes – Metropolitan Command of Lisbon); Special security operations at events (Paulo Santos – GNR).

The third panel, at 15 pm, addresses Self-protection Measures/Prevention Plans and features two interventions: Self-protection Measures and Fire Safety Conditions in itinerant or temporary premises – RJSCIE and RTSCIE (António Varela – ANEPC Algarve) and Operational Documents : Events (Richard Maques – ANEPC Algarve). The fourth and last panel of the Seminar, scheduled for 00 pm, is entirely dedicated to the following practical cases: New Year's Eve in Albufeira (Leonor Luz – SMPC de Albufeira); Santos Populares (Margarida Castro Martins – SMPC in Lisbon) and Super Bock Super Rock (Mónica Franco – SMPC in Sesimbra).

Entries will run until the next 28th of March (Tuesday), via [email protected]. For more information call the phones 289 599 503| 289 246 924.

The event is aimed at event promoters, owners of venues, municipal services and Civil Protection agents, the Albufeira Municipal Civil Protection Commission, technicians from municipalities, communities and associations, private security/heritage companies, entertainment companies tourism, professionals in the area and Parish Councils.