seminar of Faro offers rooms for students at the University of Algarve

Algarve Academy is available to, «by appropriate means, support seminary students of the Diocese of Algarve»

The Seminary of São José, of the Diocese of Algarve, in Faro, will be able to receive students who are unable to integrate the university residences of the University of Algarve (UAlg) or who are in a situation of “manifest economic insufficiency”, according to a protocol signed this Tuesday, 27 September.

The protocol was signed by the rector of the São José Seminary, Father António de Freitas, who is also the new chaplain of the UAlg, and by Alexandra Teodósio, vice-rector for Internationalization and Sustainable Development.

According to UAlg, it was agreed «the availability of single rooms in a number to be defined annually by the Seminar, in response to a request» from the University of Algarve.

The Algarve academy is available to, "by appropriate means, support seminary students of the Diocese of Algarve through Library Services, online bibliographic platforms and other material resources that may be identified".

According to Alexandra Teodósio, «this cooperation is particularly relevant when it aims to support and socially include students, since the University of Algarve has in its matrix the defense of humanistic and social values, seeking to foster in the various segments of the academic community a spirit of demanding , solidarity and active citizenship in the defense of human rights and peace, and to contribute globally to the fulfillment of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), values ​​of solidarity shared by the Catholic Church and its institutions».

For the rector of the San José Seminary, «this cooperation protocol, which was characterized from the beginning, by a common search to respond to this specific situation, is of great importance for our Seminary, since it, since its foundation, it had many moments of openness and attention to the formative and educational needs in the Algarve, in addition to ecclesiastical studies».

For this very reason, says Father António de Freitas, «we assume this cooperation with the University of the Algarve as a service, through which it becomes possible to offer a unique training opportunity in the lives of these university students. It was with great joy and satisfaction that we received this challenging invitation from the University, to which we promptly tried to give the best possible collaboration».