Diesel drops 17 cents and gasoline 13 cents per liter next week

But the Ministry of Finance also maintains the reduction of ISP fees

The price per liter of diesel is expected to drop by 17 cents and that of gasoline by 13 cents next week, the Government announced this Friday.

Despite this decrease, the Ministry of Finance also guaranteed, in a statement, that it will maintain the reduction in ISP rates.

This evolution in the price per liter “should result in a reduction in VAT revenue, which would lead to an adjustment of the ISP unit rates of 2,6 cents, in the case of diesel, and 2 cents in the case of gasoline”, taking into account the mechanism weekly review of unit rate values, which took effect last week.

However, and in view of the “uncertainty of the evolution of the conjuncture”, as well as the expectation of coordinated responses at European level, the Government decided that this week “the corresponding update of ISP will not be carried out”, the Petroleum Products Tax, adds the Ministry of Finance in its statement.

In this way, during the next week, the temporary ISP discount of 3,4 cents per liter of diesel will be maintained (a figure that incorporates the 2,4 cents reduction in the ISP that resulted from the rise in prices of 16 cents per liter earlier this week and the 1 cent reduction in effect since October) and 3,7 cents per liter of gasoline (1,7 cent reduction in ISP applied earlier this week and the 2 cent reduction in effect since October) .