An interactive “old friend”, the color of the eyes and a devastating portrait of the Algarve among the most read of 2021

Discover the ten most read pieces of the year… and a few more

The interactive map of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic cases in the Algarve, with nearly two million views, continues to be king and is already an “old friend” of many readers. But in 2021, unlike the previous year, Covid-19 is not dominant in the most read pieces of the year, with articles on science, culture and economics among those occupying the top of the list.

After yesterday we focused the most important moments of the year, in an infographic, today, the 2nd of January of the brand new 2022, we report which were the most read pieces in the year just ended.

And there were many views that the Sul Informação had: close to 17 million (16.911.306), which gives, on average, almost one and a half million per month and over 46 thousand views per day.

Most of them, more precisely 1.870.588, are "the fault" of the interactive case map, which is updated daily and has been online for about a year and a half.

In total, this infographic, which has since been renewed and improved, has already had close to 3 million views (2.931.326).



Interestingly, this is not even the only article that “transit” from the previous year among the most read.

There's another one, but let's go.

Following the correct order, the second place on the podium belongs to the science article  "There is new in eye color genetics".

In total, there were 114.729 views obtained by this piece.

Closing the podium is another piece from our science section, which dates back to April 2020 and informs about the consequences of the new SARS-COV-2.

In 2021, this article was accessed 101.424 times. In total, the views of this piece, which at the end of 2020 was also the third most read of the year, amount to 232.794.

From science, we move to history, namely to the series of articles “The Algarve in 1867 or a devastating portrait of the Algarve and the region”, one of which, the one dedicated to the municipalities of Albufeira, Alcoutim and Aljezur, got 56.344 clicks.

However, the seven articles in this series written by Aurélio Nuno Cabrita, which give an account of the unflattering portrait of the 16 municipalities of the Algarve by a Civil Governor who had just arrived in the region, had, together, close to 160 views (159.789) .

In the last article in this series, on Portimão and VRSA, which can be accessed here, there are links to all previous texts.



The fifth position on the list is also occupied by news not related to Covid-19. And this article about the end of maximum ceiling of 40 euros on passes of public rail transport did not even take long to rise to the top of the list, as it was published a few days ago, on December 22, but has already been seen 55.124 times.

A subject that also generated a lot of interest among readers of Sul Informação it was the curfew, a measure of the Government to combat the spread of the pandemic that was imposed at different times.

It's the news about the return of this limitation to more than half of the Algarve's municipalities, published in July, which occupies the sixth position of the most read articles in the Sul Informação, in 2021, with 53.290 views.

Another article that involves the curfew, in this case on the weekend and published in the first days of the year, at a time when the pandemic was showing signs of getting worse – which was confirmed – is also in the top 10, in this case, in 8th position, with 49.187 clicks.

Between these two articles, in 7th, there is one on a cardinal buoy that washed ashore at Maria Luísa beach, in Albufeira (51.672 views).

In 9th position (45.370 readings), there is a piece about new variant from Olhão to the EN125, a work that will be paid in full with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Closing the top ten is another news related to the pandemic, in this case with the list of risk councils, which served as a guide for the application of more or less restrictive measures to contain the pandemic in different municipalities. This article has been read 42.974 times.



Out of this batch of ten articles, but all with more than 35 views, there are three pieces that are also worth mentioning.

In 11th is a piece of news, seen 39.970 times, on the advances and setbacks in the lack of confinement, in the Algarve, but also in Odemira, a council that has gone through great trials and has been in the spotlight – and controversy – for a long time.

On the 12th and 13th are, respectively, an article about two entrepreneurs, one from Alentejo and the other from Algarve, who bet on a mask factory in Odemira (38.970 views) and a piece about the end of the drought (35.691 views.