Araújo takes the place of Isilda and Bacalhau is "promoted" in the National Association of Municipalities

Congress took place this weekend in Aveiro

Álvaro Araújo (PS), Mayor of Vila Real de Santo António and Rogério Bacalhau (PSD), Mayor of Faro, were elected vice-presidents of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) at the association's congress, which took place this weekend in Aveiro.

If, for Álvaro Araújo, his presence in the ANMP bodies is a first, Rogério Bacalhau was already part of this body in the previous term, as a member, and is now “promoted” to vice-president.

Álvaro Araújo joined, Isilda Gomes, mayor of Portimão, who was vice-president in the previous term and who, recently, left assumed the post of president of the National Association of Mayors of the Socialist Party (ANA-PS).

The ANMP Board of Directors also includes Rosa Palma (PCP), president of the Silves Chamber, who was elected, but as an alternate.

An Algarve mayor was also chosen for the Congress table: Vítor Guerreiro (PS), president of the City Council of São Brás de Alportel, is one of the effective members, something that had already happened in the previous term. Also socialist Vítor Aleixo, from Loulé, is one of the alternates.

Only one mayor of the Algarve is part of the Supervisory Board, but as an alternate: José Gonçalves (PS), mayor of Aljezur.

Finally, on the General Council, there are four permanent mayors in the Algarve.

Luís Encarnação (PS), from Lagoa, and Francisco Amaral (PSD), from Castro Marim, who were already part of this body, remain, and the mayor of Alcoutim Osvaldo Gonçalves (PS), who was alternate, now assumes a effective position.

For her part, the also socialist Rute Silva, mayor of Vila do Bispo, made her debut.

Among the substitutes for this body are Hugo Pereira, from Lagos, and Ana Paula Martins, from Tavira, both from the PS.

At this congress, Luísa Salgueiro, president of the Matosinhos Chamber, was elected president of ANMP. The mayor was appointed to head the only candidate list for the Association's Board of Directors by the PS, the party that won the most municipalities in the municipal elections of September 2021.

Luísa Salgueiro is the first woman to head the organization and replaces Manuel Machado in the position.