Algarve has only 3 elected in the new national bodies of the PSD

Cristóvão Norte, despite not having managed to be elected, takes place due to double inherence

The Algarve now has only three elected in the new national bodies of the PSD, after the Congress of Social Democrats that took place this weekend, in Santa Maria da Feira.

It is the deputy Rui Cristina (list affects Carlos Eduardo Reis), the president of the Chamber of Castro Marim Francisco Amaral (13th on the official list of Rui Rio) and Carlos Gouveia Martins, who entered the X list (generational list between 18-35 years of former JSD leaders), all elected to the National Council.

In the latter case, the young leader of the Portimonenses Social Democrats was even number 5 on the list that only elected four councilors. However, number 2 on the X list was João Fortes, president of the Chamber of Mourão and, therefore, with an inherent place in the National Council of the PSD. Therefore, the number 5 was entered, precisely Carlos G. Martins.

From the National Council, many people from the Algarve left, such as Bruno Sousa Costa or Gameiro Alves. But even though it was regional representative of Paulo Rangel in the recent directs of the PSD, Cristóvão Norte remains as a counselor, as he has the right to do so, as the leader of the Orange District that he is (and as a deputy in the last Legislature, although now removed from the lists by Rui Rio).

Also inherently, the National Council includes the deputies elected by the Algarve (Cristóvão Norte, Rui Cristina, Ofélia Ramos) and the social-democratic mayors (Francisco Amaral, José Carlos Rolo and Rogério Bacalhau).

The Algarve failed to place anyone on the National Political Commission, which is not surprising. The president Rui Rio had already been elected on the direct and, at the congress, in accordance with the rules of the PSD, he only announced, without the right to a competing list, the vice presidents, general secretary and members, who are, therefore, his choice.

The Algarve Social Democrats do not have any representation on the Congress table either.

However, it should be noted that, for the latter body, there were two lists, one affecting Rui Rio, the other with elements of the opposition, headed by Pedro Rodrigues, but with emphasis on the Algarvian Cristóvão Norte, who was candidate for vice-president .

Now, this list obtained a surprising result of 42% of the votes. Surprising because, as a general rule, the list affects the leader of the PSD (in this case, headed by Paulo Mota Pinto, who was already president of the Board and won again) gets much more than 58% of the votes.