Portimão: Air-conditioned tents welcome the elderly from Lar da Raminha in prophylactic isolation

Only two users needing hospitalization are in the hospital in Portimão

Isolation zone for the elderly at Lar da Raminha – Photo: SMPC / All rights reserved

Two «air-conditioned tents with air conditioning, from the Municipal Civil Protection Service», were installed on 12 August, next to Lar da Raminha, in Portimão, to act as an isolation zone for the elderly affected by an outbreak of Covid-19 detected this week in that structure, announced the Chamber of Portimão.

This isolation zone is intended to respond to an outbreak that affects 28 users of that institution, who, "as determined by the competent authorities", need "to be isolated in the coming days".

The Municipality of Portimão stresses that “the vast majority of users are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and only two (2) needed to be hospitalized”.

The isolation area installed in the two tents «is equipped with all the conditions that guarantee the comfort of users», who can be there «close to their usual caregivers and benefit from the institution's services».

The local authority clarifies that, as it is located close to Lar da Raminha, the Boavista Sports Pavilion was initially made available to install the isolation area, with the Elderly Support Center having opted for the solution of tents, given the comfort of the and the proximity of the institution, thus allowing these citizens to continue to be monitored by the institution's teams».

In its clarification note today, the municipality adds that "this is a situation that is being closely monitored by the competent authorities."

The communiqué from the Portimão City Council comes in response to a note from the CDS-PP of Portimão, published yesterday on its Facebook page, which said it was strange “that the Campanha do Portimão Arena Hospital was not immediately activated”.

The centrists even raised the hypothesis that the Portimão Arena Campaign Hospital had not been “activated again because this infrastructure will host the National Congress of the Socialist Party on the next 28th and 29th of August, in other words, in less than two weeks” .

“Could it be that in this difficult situation for citizens of our community, Dr. Isilda Gomes gives priority to party interests, to the detriment of the pressing needs of the population of Portimão?”, asked the CDS.

Much more measured and, in a way, distancing itself from the position of the centrists, was the statement sent last night to the newsrooms, by the coalition «Portimão Mais Feliz», led by former vice-president of the Chamber Luís Carito, but which has as the main supporting party precisely the CDS-PP.

“We came to offer our solidarity and concern to all those who are in prophylactic isolation and hospitalized, as well as to their relatives and friends”, the statement said, which added that, “in the person of candidate Luís Carito e all candidates of the coalition “Portimão Mais Feliz”, we wish the rapid improvement of the entire population of the Support Center for the elderly infected with this devastating virus».

In its “clarification note”, the Portimão Council explains that “a field hospital is only activated when there are no hospitals available”. However, “as it is public, there is hospital capacity in the country and in the region to receive Covid-19 patients”. In fact, that's what happened, since the only two elderly people who needed hospitalization were taken in by the hospital in Portimão.

The autarchy adds that "the Campanha de Portimão hospital stopped working in February and will only be reactivated, we all want that not to happen, as determined by the health and civil protection authorities."

Therefore, questions the City Council, in its note: "Does the CDS of Portimão want to reactivate a hospital with a capacity of 100 beds to provide medical care to 2 patients who have guaranteed hospital care at the hospital in Portimão?".

The Portimão local authority adds, in the end, that, from September onwards, «the Portimão Arena will house the Portimão Vaccination Center, in order to release the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo for normal sporting activity».

By the way, «the clubs that use this equipment have already been informed of this fact about two months ago», therefore, it is not a recent decision.

The new location of the vaccination center has also “already been officially communicated to the coordinator of the Task Force, having even been sent the new layout of the installation of the vaccination center'.

O Sul Informação also asked the Algarve Regional Health Administration for clarification on this outbreak, but so far we have not received any response to the questions raised.


Isolation zone for the elderly at Lar da Raminha – Photo: SMPC / All rights reserved