«If there is no progress at the Hospital, this will be my last term at PSD/Algarve»

«Because we won the elections, the problems did not disappear: they continue to be very serious», says Cristóvão Norte

Cristóvão Norte took office this Sunday, May 12th, for another two years as president of the PSD/Algarve, but left a warning: if there is no progress at the Central Hospital, this will be his last term. 

«We are in politics to accomplish things. If we don't achieve them, we have to reflect. I'm here to do it and if I don't succeed, it will be time for others to try. Without the progress of the new hospital, I will give way to another”, explained the social democrat.

«Whoever says things often pays dearly. I already paid and I don't regret it. For the Algarve, for Portugal, to defend it, we will pay whatever price is necessary,” he added.

And the responsibility is now even greater due to the AD government.

On a recent visit to the region, the Minister of Health spoke about the issue of the Central Hospital, ensuring that will defend, “with all his strength”, the advancement of the work.

«Because we won the elections, the problems did not disappear: they continue to be very serious. We are the ones who have to overcome the problems, it is not about pretending that they no longer exist, as the PS did,” he explained.

Analyzing the current political situation in the country, the president of PSD Algarve, also a deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, said that «Portugal is captured by a PS that wants to return to the Government tomorrow and by Chega who votes with the PS, as he dreams of replace the PSD and to do so, he allies himself with whoever he has to, just to throw chaos into the system».

«It is absurd that in the Assembly of the Republic the party that has the most difficulty in seeing a proposal approved is precisely the one that won the elections. This is not what citizens want; in democracy, the result is respected,” he said.

Also present at the dinner were Mendes Bota, elected president of the Assembly of Militants, Mateus de Brito, historic founder of the PSD Algarve, Alexandra Gonçalves, Algarve candidate for the European Championships, Bruno Sousa Costa, councilor of the Chamber of São Brás de Alportel, and Rui Silva, president of the local political committee.