Paulo Paulino takes office as new president of the Chamber of Alcoutim

Osvaldo Gonçalves' departure to Algar was already known and deserved harsh criticism from the PSD/Algarve

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Paulo Paulino took office this Wednesday, May 15th, as the new president of the Alcoutim Chamber, following the departure of Osvaldo Gonçalves to the Algar Board of Directors.

The new mayor of the municipality is committed to continuing the development work of the municipality.

«I am committed to fighting for the constant improvement of the quality of life of all Alcoutenejos, continuing the work that is currently underway and thus fulfilling the PS electoral program approved in the last local elections», he said.

«To the Municipal bodies, the Municipality and the parishes and our institutional partners in the most diverse areas, I want to emphasize that you can count on this executive to continue an attitude of dialogue in order to maintain a relationship of broad collaboration and proximity» , said the mayor.

At the same meeting, José Galrito ​​also took office as councilor and councilor Rosa Palma assumed the vice-presidency.

Osvaldo Gonçalves' departure to Algar was already known and received harsh criticism from the PSD/Algarve.