Lecture will talk about historic gardens in Faro

The initiative is part of the “Research, Know and Value Conferences Cycle”

“Contributions to the Inventory of the Algarve's historic gardens: Faro". This is the name of the conference that will be given next Monday, April 19, by the landscape architect Maria Filipa Rabaça. 

The initiative is part of the “Research, Knowing and Valuing Conferences Cycle” which marks important events, at a religious, economic, social and political level in the local history of Faro, but also at the regional level.

Taking as a starting point the importance of gardens as an integral part of the city's history and landscape heritage, speaker Maria Filipa Rabaça will present the results of a study in which six historic gardens were surveyed, from the XNUMXth century to the to the XNUMXth century, with the aim of inventorying it and demonstrating its importance for our cultural heritage.

The study was elaborated through the collection of bibliographical information at national and international level about historic gardens, as well as an exhaustive search of cartographies and minutes of the sessions of the City Council of Faro.