Faro returns to fairs and markets and authorizes funerals for 20 people

Unconfined allowed to ease restrictions

The Chamber of Faro defined 20 people as the maximum number of people attending funerals and once again authorized the organization of fairs and markets in the municipality.

Until April 30, funerals held in municipal cemeteries cannot have more than 20 participants. However, this limit "can never imply the impediment of the presence of spouses or de facto couples, ascendants, descendants, relatives or similar", according to the municipality.

Fairs and markets are authorized to function, being «subject to prior verification by the Municipal Civil Protection Service, in conjunction with the Municipal Veterinary Service, and must comply with all the rules provided for in these situations».

The municipality thus seeks to "continue to ensure that all measures are implemented that may prevent the spread of Covid-19, as well as the non-formation of clusters of people", which enhance the "non-application of safety distances" and, as such «the contagions».

The municipality asks citizens to comply with the rules now established, "so that the conditions of security are maintained, in carrying out this type of act."

These resolutions, taken by the President of the Chamber of Faro, are based on all the norms in force, namely the decree of the President of the Republic, which imposes the State of Emergency.