Association of Musicians launches "State of Resilience" in Faro

«We have an added responsibility in these difficult times that we are living»

“State of Resilience” is the new schedule presented by the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCM) of Faro, in response to the measures announced this week by Prime Minister António Costa, namely those relating to the ban on the movement of Faroese citizens, in the middle of the State of Emergency.

To the greatest restrictions that are imposed on the councils included in the list of municipalities with the highest risk of contagion in Covid-19, the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians «responds with enormous elasticity and determination».

«It is important that culture does not stop, as well as other economic activities in the municipality and the country», defends Jorge Santos, responsible for part of the cultural programming of the space.

In the wake of what has been his identity mark, Jorge Santos reacts with bold proposals and, above all, with an enormous capacity for anticipation and vision for the future.

«We made a point of inviting original bands to this “State of Resilience”, as has been our concern, and it was impressive how quickly all the musicians joined in immediately», reveals the programmer.

The shows take place in that space, daily, between 21:00 pm and 22:30 pm, and all box office amounts revert directly to the bands that will take the stage.

With a cost per spectator of five to ten euros per ticket, the revenue foresees paying fees to around 20 musicians, 10 sound and light technicians and as many other members of the team involved.

"There is, in fact, an entire associative spirit that works and a solidarity that is manifested between cultural agents, the association and the public, as we live in moments of great weaknesses in the sector", defends, in turn, João Melro, president of ARCM, co-author of this “State of Resilience”.

«We have an added responsibility in these difficult times that we are living: our social responsibility encourages us to create alternatives and responses not only to the public, who now have even more reasons to seek escapes and moments of healthy interaction, but also to the cultural fabric of the county, which includes all workers in the sector, such as musicians and technicians», continues João Melro, who is also a musician.

Jorge Santos corroborates in harmony: “The State of Resilience” is “our ability to overcome and recover from adversity, it is the urgent response that is needed”.

This line of programming foresees for the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of November the performances of the following musical compositions: “Hot Billy Rods”, “Villain Outbreak”, “Wtdpg” and “Anymal Racional”, “Contra Current” and “Sam Alone”, respectively.

And still a risky novelty for the times available: the brunches jazz (with the “Jazz Quartet ARCM”) and punk (with “Razor Kids”) scheduled for the weekend (21st and 22nd November), from 11 am.

Absolute priority for both authors of "State of Resilience" is compliance with the safety rules issued by the General Directorate of Health (DGS) and which have always been in force at ARCM, a sign so that the public can continue to adhere and attend that space, as “Culture is Safe”, as defended by the Association of Promoters of Shows, Festivals and Events”, which Jorge Santos and João Melro subscribe.

Several elements of the Audiovisual Union – the movement to support professionals in the sector, which was born in times of pandemic by Covid-19 – will be present during all the “State of Emergency” initiatives to give body and voice to yet another campaign to raise awareness of foodstuffs in that Association. “To resist is to win” assures the team (made up of multiple teams) of ARCM.