CCV of Faro joins the 3DMaskPt visor production network

CCV do Algarve was already part of the “Makers Distrito de Faro"

The Live Science Center of the Algarve (CCVAlg), in Faro, joined the national network 3DMaskPt and will participate in the channeling and distribution in the Algarve region of visors and earmuffs produced using 3D printers for institutions and volunteers.

3DMaskPt is a nationwide project, launched in Lisbon on March 19, whose objective is «to unite individual volunteers, with access to a 3D printer, to a common cause: the distributed production of visors to be donated to our healthcare professionals that fight the Covid-19».

This idea quickly gained supporters in the Algarve, namely the CCV de Lagos, which started producing visors as early as March 21st, having been a pioneer in the region. In less than a month, the lacobrigense center built and delivered 750 visors to institutions in Lagos and Portimão.

At the same time, the Pinheiro e Rosa School Group (AEProsa), from Faro, joined the group “Makers District of Faro”, formed by a group of institutions and volunteers from the Algarve, and also began to produce visors.

The group, which the Centro Ciência Viva Farense "joined since the beginning of this pandemic", produces and distributes supports for visors "completely free of charge and in solidarity", according to the CCV of the Algarve. The material is distributed in collaboration with ARS Algarve, which makes the visors reach the healthcare professionals who need them.

«Now, contacted by 3DMaskPt, CCVAlg also joins this national, voluntary network, to participate in the channeling and distribution of visors and ear-guards for the Algarve region, thus increasing the availability of this type of material for our professionals» .

«In this sense, we have already started our institutional contacts in order to identify the current needs of the product, at a local and/or regional level. However, if you are not contacted directly and your institution/service needs this type of equipment, just fill in the form found on this link», added the center.