Covid-19: Students from Pinheiro and Rosa are making visors for healthcare professionals

Anyone with 3D printers can join the initiative

The Programming and Robotics Club of the Pinheiro e Rosa Schools Grouping, from Faro, is producing protective visors, in 3D printer, for health professionals, helping in the fight against Covid-19. 

"Is war against the invisible enemy forces all the military on the battlefront. We are giving our contribution, mobilizing the technical means and the budget, to fulfill the need to protect those who will make a difference in favor of life», says the Schools Group, in a press release.

Thus, these students are producing the protective visors, using a 3D printer, a model that has been tested at the Hospital de Faro.

«We are implementing distribution chains with the competent authorities in order to ensure that they reach those who need it most», says the Schools Group, which also appeals to the community for those who have 3D printers to join this initiative.

Volunteers must send an email to [email protected], identifying themselves and providing a telephone number (to be part of the contact group).

The Schools Group also asks suppliers to make available (free or at a fair price) the following material: 3 filament for PETG (or PLA) 1,75D printer, PVC binding 230micros (A4 sheet), elastic with houses (2 centimeters) in roller, double sided adhesive tape 2cm wide and sponge 0,5cm thick (in plates).

For more contacts, you can send an email to [email protected]

In the Algarve, the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos is also printing visors, like the Sul Informação it's already done.