CCV de Lagos adds video and infographics to the 750 anti-Covid-19 visors it has already made

Lagos Living Science Center began producing protective visors on March 21

The Centro Ciência Viva (CCV) in Lagos, in partnership with the municipality of Lacobrigense, continues to build protective visors to deliver them to those who need them most, in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic in Lagos and Portimão. Since March 21, 750 visors have been produced, but not only that – there are already videos and an infographic that show how the process unfolds.

The CCV lacobrigense updated today, Tuesday, the results that have already been achieved by this project, which resulted from the involvement of the center with the “Project 3D Mask Portugal” and which has allowed «printing supports, mounting and distributing EPI Visors for free»


See the video that shows how everything works (english version here):



«This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is being distributed in various institutions in the Municipalities of Lagos and Portimão. Our 3D and CNC printers are working non-stop in the home of a member of our team, as well as the printers of several volunteers», summarized the institution.

In addition to the visors delivered to the City Council and the Lagos Health Center, 351 of these equipments have also been offered to the Hospital de Portimão and 40 to the Health Center in that city.



«With this action, the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos and the Municipality of Lagos intend to support all professionals who are on the front line in the fight against this pandemic and, in a gesture of solidarity, supported the health units in the municipality of Portimão in this mission”, concludes the CCV of Lagos.


Photos and Images: Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos