New Renault Captur: more… in everything!

New Renault CAPTUR will be marketed in Portugal from this Saturday, January 18th

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The second generation of the Renault CAPTUR arrives this Saturday, January 18th, at the Dealership Network. A larger CAPTUR with an even more modern and distinguished design.

In other words, a completely new CAPTUR, but not just on the outside… A CAPTUR with a more spacious, more comfortable, more technological cabin and with enormous advances in quality.

Also a CAPTUR with a list of safety equipment unparalleled in the segment (and which won 5 stars in the EuroNCAP tests) and with a modern range of gasoline and diesel engines, with powers ranging from 95 to 155 horsepower. In short, a unique proposal that has everything to reinforce its status as the undisputed leader in the segment. And all this for a price from €19.990.

Renault CAPTUR is another case of extraordinary success in the brand's history in Portugal. Since 2013, the year it arrived on the market, which is the crossover of the B segment preferred by the Portuguese. In fact, since 2016 it is one of the five best-selling models in the country. In total, around 35 units have already been sold, which gives the curious number of roughly 14 units sold daily.

A success that is not unique to Portugal, as the Renault CAPTUR is also the undisputed sales leader in the segment in Europe.

A “best seller” that is in danger of conquering iconic status, now that the revolutionary second generation is just days away from reaching the national market.


Although the family air is very present, even a more casual look confirms it: we are in the presence of a New CAPTUR! Compared to the previous generation, a Captur 11 centimeters longer (and with two centimeters more wheelbase), but also with the new design contributing to this perception, since the lines are more athletic and expressive, while the line the waist of the bodywork is higher. In other words, a Captur even more SUV!

But even abroad, there are many great details that give it a statutory image and, at the same time, something irreverent. An example of this are the new 100% LED headlamps (available as standard on all versions), shaped like a “C” at the front, as well as the original new rear lights, also shaped like a “C”; as well as the new grill; the new bumpers; the new protections; the various chrome elements and, of course, the bi-tone bodywork. A brand image of the model that naturally remains in the new generation.

In this regard, it should be noted that four colors are available for the roof, in case the option does not fall into the body color: Star Black, Atacama Orange, Highland Gray and Alabaster White. In addition, the New CAPTUR can also be equipped with longitudinal roof rails, or glazed semi-panoramic sunroof.

Reference is also made to the 11 colors that are available for the bodywork, which combined with the roof and the different protections, offer an incredible 90 combinations of exterior customization. Basically, the possibility of “drawing” a Captur in the image of each one.



After the surprise from the outside, and once in the cabin, the comparison with the previous generation is…impossible! Everything is new and it's even a case of talking about revolution, from design, to ergonomics, to materials, to equipment. By the way, no one would say that this is a B-segment crossover.

The quality of materials and finishes is easily noticeable. Soft trims are present in several areas, namely in the dashboard, center console and door panels.

But the technological environment is also impressive, primarily due to the imposing 9,3-inch multimedia screen. With an anti-reflective glossy finish and positioned on the center console, it is identical to what equips the New CLIO.

In other words, it is the largest in the segment and of the entire Renault range, offering the EASY-LINK multimedia system, more evolved and much more intuitive. It offers navigation with automatically updated cartography, compatibility with Android Auto and Car Play, and access to different connected applications and services.

The New CAPTUR also receives a digital instrument panel in all versions, thanks to the TFT screen that, in the 10-inch version, includes the navigation system. In other words, to consult the GPS indications, it is not mandatory to look away from the central screen.

Ergonomics is another aspect in which the New CAPTUR has evolved extraordinarily, with no lack of examples: the new steering wheel with more features, the new gearshift lever (shorter and placed in a higher position), the new “piano-type” keys ”, the new climate controls placed immediately below the central screen, as well as the democratization of tactile controls or the redistribution of areas for storage and transport of objects. It should be noted that, in the center console, an area for the smartphone is now available, with induction charging.

Also in the cabin, in addition to the perception of quality and technology, two other features stand out: comfort and space.

The new seats are the ultimate expression of comfort on board, being on a par with those fitted to higher segment models. The forequarters impress with their retention power and superior wrapping. Rear passengers, on the other hand, benefit from a significant 17 mm more knee room compared to the predecessor model, with the rear seat continuing to slide.

Of course, the 11 cm growth in length of the New CAPTUR has a significant impact on habitability. Not only in the passenger space, but also in the 27 liters available in different interior storage locations, as well as the additional 81 liters of boot volume. In other words, a large load space of 536 liters, despite the fact that the speakers for the irrepressible BOSE® sound system can be mounted in the trunk (but perfectly integrated).

Finally, it should be noted that no less than 18 configurations will be available for the interior harmony of the New CAPTUR. To these possibilities are also added the eight colors of the ambient lighting of the doors and the base of the suspended center console, associated with the adjustments of the MULTI-SENSE system. In other words, the possibility of customizing the cabin in the image of each person.


But also behind the wheel, the New Renault CAPTUR confirms the extraordinary progress made over the previous generation. After all, the model benefits from the modular CMF-B platform developed by Aliança and from several evolutions, such as more responsive steering, a more rigid front axle and a suspension that combines dynamic efficiency, driving pleasure and comfort.

The higher driving position, so characteristic of crossovers, is excellent. The solidity of the ensemble is remarkable for a B-segment car, even on the most degraded floors. The curved behavior is a reference, as well as the soundproofing, the result of greater aerodynamic efficiency and the use of new insulation materials, various structural reinforcements, the use of aluminum for the engine mounts and windows equipped with a double system tightness.

In other words, traveling in the New Renault CAPTUR is synonymous with comfort, but also with driving pleasure, regardless of the driver's needs or mood.


It's true… Like the New Clio, the New CAPTUR is now also available with Renault MULTI-SENSE technology. Basically, the possibility of customizing the driving experience, in parameters such as engine mapping, steering, ambient lighting and the configuration of the digital display. Accordingly, three different modes are available: Eco, to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions; Sport to increase driving pleasure, agility and responsiveness and MySense (default mode) to personalize the experience.



Like the Novo Clio, the Novo Captur democratizes driving assistance systems, with the most complete and most evolved offer in the category. In fact, even in much higher segments it is difficult to find a model equipped with so many safety technologies, namely driving assistance systems.

The most striking new feature is the road and highway driving assistance system, an extraordinary asset for driving comfort and serenity in compact traffic queues and on highways. The integration of this system constitutes a first phase for the autonomous vehicle.

In addition to equipment such as the 360° camera and the active emergency braking system with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, the parking exit alert reinforces safety during maneuvers to exit a parking space.

The adjustment of these driving assistance systems is made in a clear and intuitive way, via the touchscreen of the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system.

It should be noted that the most advanced active safety systems, combined with all of Renault's know-how in the field of passive safety, allowed the Novo CAPTUR to obtain 5 stars in the increasingly demanding safety tests by the independent body Euro Ncap .


The assistance system for driving in traffic and highways is the result of a combination of the adaptive cruise control (with Stop & Go) and the assistance system for involuntary crossing of the lane.

Active between 0 and 160 km/h, this equipment is available in the TCe 130 EDC FAP and TCe 155 EDC FAP versions and will also be offered with the E-TECH Plug-in engine.

The system regulates the car's speed and maintains safe distances for vehicles in front, ensuring you stay in the center of your lane.

Particularly useful in heavy traffic, this driving assistance allows the New CAPTUR to stop and resume driving automatically within 3 seconds, without any action on the part of the driver.

The system works thanks to a front camera and a radar, on roads where the road markings (continuous or broken lines) are correctly visible and with vehicles in circulation.

In case of no line, only the adaptive speed regulator is activated. If no vehicle ahead is detected, the lane centering system remains operational (from 60 km/h) as well as the cruise control.

The assistance system for driving in traffic and motorway is a provision of level 2 autonomy, which represents a significant gain in terms of driving comfort. However, it requires the driver to keep his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. The system sends an alert if it fails to detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel for 13 seconds. After two more alerts, the system automatically deactivates.


The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is integrated into the Captur range, in versions with EDC automatic transmission. Available from 0 to 170 km/h, it automatically maintains a minimum safe distance to the vehicle in front.

In versions with the TCe 130 EDC FAP and TCe 155 EDC FAP engines, the adaptive speed regulator of the Novo Captur is associated with the Stop & Go function. car, in complete safety, and resume driving within 3 seconds, when circulation can be resumed.

If this 3-second period is exceeded, the system requires action by the driver (pressing the steering wheel button or foot on the accelerator pedal) to reset itself. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the system automatically deactivates.


Also in the safety chapter, the Renault range's firsts are also the 360° camera and the active emergency braking system with detection of cyclists and pedestrians.

What's in addition to the speed regulator and limiter, the automatic changeover of the road/junction lights, the active emergency braking system, the blind spot alert, the recognition of signposts with overspeed alert, the alert The involuntary departure from the lane and the lane maintenance assistant, the front, rear and side parking aid system, as well as the Easy Park Assist technology (hands-free parking) give the New CAPTUR the status of segment leader also in safety.



The New CAPTUR is available with a full range of petrol and diesel engines, with a power range between 95 and 155 horsepower. Engines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which make it possible to comply with the most recent regulations in force and claim consumption and emission values ​​that are reference in the market.

But for the summer there is an important new feature: the debut of the E-TECH Plug-in engine in the Renault range. A hybrid rechargeable engine, which will constitute a unique offer in the market and which will have the power to grant Novo CAPTUR the status of pioneer in the democratization of this technology.


TCe 100, versatility at the best level

A first for the Renault range, the 1.0 TCe (3 cylinders, turbocharged) is the newest engine resulting from Alliance synergies and is equipped with the most advanced technologies. With 999 cc displacement, 100 hp and 160 Nm of torque at 2.750 rpm, this new generation block has 10 horsepower and 20 Nm more than the TCe 90 it replaces, with lower consumption and CO2 emissions.

In the New CAPTUR, the TCe 100 engine is associated with a 5-speed manual gearbox, making it possible to claim consumption between 6 and 6,2 l/100 km in a mixed cycle and reach 187 km/h of maximum speed.

The TCe 100 engine will also be available in a factory-fitted LPG bi-fuel version. A proposal that will certainly make you think about the reduced usage costs it provides.

TCe 130 FAP, for dynamic driving

Developed in partnership with Daimler, the 1.3 TCe FAP engine is precisely the same as the previous generation and which has garnered so much praise in models such as the Mégane, Scénic and Kadjar. With 130 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque, it can be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or the fast and efficient 7-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission with steering wheel paddle controls.

A block that allows dynamic driving, as the numbers confirm: over 190 km/h of top speed and 9,6 seconds to accomplish from 0 to 100 km/h, this with EDC gearbox (another second with manual gearbox). Regarding consumption, the values ​​range between 6,2 and 6,5 l/100 km in mixed cycle.

TCe 155 FAP, maximum driving pleasure

The same 1.3 TCe FAP engine, but in the 155 horsepower and 270 Nm version, is the solution for those who favor maximum driving pleasure and who do not renounce to explore the dynamic qualities of a car. A block that comes together with the fast and efficient 7-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. The paddle controls on the steering wheel confirm the sportier character of this version, which can reach a maximum speed of 202 km/h and which only needs a scant 8,6 seconds to complete from 0 to 100 km/h.

As for consumption, thanks to the specific calibration work carried out on the engine, the New CAPTUR TCe 1550 FAP claims consumption between 6,2 and 6,5 l/100 km.


Blue dCi 95 and 115, a last generation Diesel offer

For those who travel many kilometers or for company fleets, the New CAPTUR equipped with the 1.5 Blue dCi Diesel engine can be the solution. A block that is available in two versions: 95 horsepower and 240 Nm, at 1.750 rpm, for a sober drive; and 115 horsepower, 260 Nm, at 2.000 rpm, for a more dynamic drive.

A block that can be associated with the 6-speed manual transmission or the fast 7-speed double-clutch EDC automatic transmission, which, in addition to the driving comfort it provides, impresses with its fuel consumption: between 4,7 and 4,9 l/100 km in the 95 horsepower version and between 4,8 and 5 l/100 km in the 115 horsepower version. With this engine, the top speed is around 190 km/h.


The New Renault CAPTUR will be marketed in Portugal from this Saturday, January 18th, starting at €19.990.

And to make the commercialization of the new generation of the segment-leading SUV even more special, a series limited to just 50 units, all numbered, and designated Captur Edition One, is available.

Based on the reference version of the range (Exclusive), and the new TCe 100 petrol engine, the Renault Captur Edition One has a single price of €19.200.


Click here for the Price List of the new Renault Captur (PDF)

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