Herman José and Ana Malhoa at the Fisherman's Party in Albufeira

The typical gastronomy, with seafood products, is the main attraction of the party

Herman José and Ana Malhoa will help the fishermen of Albufeira to make their party, between the 6th and the 8th of September. Over three days, 20 local associations will prepare snacks and traditional cuisine and serve them at Praça dos Pescadores, in a free-entry initiative.

In addition to typical delicacies, made by the people of Albufeira linked to the sea, the traditional Fisherman's Festivals also have a musical poster with well-known names.

On the 6th, the show “Herman José & Big Band” takes the stage, during which the Portuguese comedian “takes fans on a mind-blowing journey through the hands of many of his characters, from Senhor Feliz to José Estebes, from Serafim Saudade to Nelo, also recovering his character as a musician and recalling many of the themes that served as a framework for more than four decades of career in the service of entertainment», according to the City Council of Albufeira.

Before Herman José, he will perform “Tomás Faísca e Banda” with a repertoire of Portuguese popular music.

Saturday, the 7th, is dedicated to the XXIII Albufeira Folklore Festival, where the Albufeira Folklore and Children's Ranch, the Benedita Regional Folklore Group, the Cantarinhas de Barro Folklore Group and the Identidade Lusa Folklore Group will perform

On Sunday, the 8th, the group “José Praia e Aquaviva” stars in the first part of the evening's show, which will close with Ana Malhoa.

«The artist, who turned 40, has been on the stage for more than 30 years, first with her father, José Malhoa, and then with a solo career. In the last two decades, Ana Malhoa sang in Spanish and successively changed her image, adapting it to each of the more than ten edited albums. The singer has been moving away from the traditional Portuguese popular beat, following reggaeton and the self-proclaimed urban tropical», concluded the municipality.