Blaya, The Gift, Gisela João, José Barros & Navegante com Cantadores celebrate April in Odemira

Odemira returns to fulfilling the tradition of celebrating the values ​​of democracy and freedom

Concerts with Blaya, The Gift, Gisela João and the show by José Barros & Navegante with the guests of the Rancho de Cantadores from Aldeia Nova de São Bento are the strong points of the Abril party in Odemira for the 24th, 25th and 26th nights.

Odemira once again fulfills the tradition of celebrating the values ​​of democracy and freedom, with a month full of activities, ranging from music, literature, plastic arts, folklore, Alentejo sing, fireworks and sports, promoted by the Municipality of Odemira, in collaboration with local entities.

The big nights of the party in Odemira start on the night of April 24, at Largo Brito Pais, with the show by Blaya. After the symbolic Raising of the Flag in the Paços do Concelho Building, with the reading of Poema de Abril, at midnight, the Pyromusical Festival follows. The concert night continues The Gift's performance.


On April 25, at 10:30 am, the Solemn Session of the Municipal Assembly of Odemira will take place, at Cineteatro Camacho Costa, followed by the joint graduation of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Odemira and Vila Nova de Milfontes and the League of Combatentes Nucleus of the Municipality of Odemira.

From 16:30 pm, there will be the traditional Folklore Festival, at Cerro do Peguinho, with the participation of the Old Guard of Folklore of Nazaré, Folklore Ranch “Os Camponeses” of Santana do Mato (Ribatejo), Folklore Group of Faro and the Folklore Ranch of the Casa do Povo of Vila Nova de Milfontes.

The night will be dedicated to Gisela João's Fado, starting at 22 pm.

For the night of April 26, a show is scheduled that brings together on stage José Barros, the group Navegante and the Rancho de Cantadores from Aldeia Nova de São Bento.

Another highlight was the Meeting of Choir Groups, on April 27, at 15 pm, at Cineteatro Camacho Costa, with the participation of Grupo Coral Vozes Femininas de Amoreiras-Gare, Grupo Coral de Odemira, Grupo Coral de S. Luís, Grupo Coral de S. Luís Vila Nova de Milfontes Choir and Os Ganhões Choir (Castro Verde).


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