Humor by Herman José warns of the importance of saving water

Águas do Algarve is part of the Águas de Portugal group, promoter of this campaign

The awareness campaign “Water with a Drop of Consciousness”, launched in September by the Águas de Portugal group, has now been reinforced with a video featuring the participation of Herman José.

The comedian created four characters that appeal to the conscientious use of water and the first video was presented this Thursday, March 22, the eve of World Water Day.

The “Water with a drop of conscience” campaign, launched in September to make the Portuguese aware of the conscientious use of water, has now been reinforced through a series of videos created and starring Herman José.

The remaining videos will be shown weekly on the channels of Grupo Águas de Portugal and Herman José.

«The comedian, who also created a song alluding to the theme, uses different characters that address the use of water and encourage its conscientious use», says the company Águas do Algarve.

The incorporation of humor to convey messages is a factor in increasing the effectiveness of awareness campaigns, according to the participants in the National Study on Attitudes and Behaviors of the Portuguese towards Water.

This study, which took place in April 2018 and covered more than 1660 people in a survey online, identified the existence of dissonances between the attitudes and behavior of the Portuguese towards water, which they consider to be the most important resource. Only, they recognize, they waste water.

Participants in the study consider awareness campaigns as one of the most conducive actions for saving and valuing water behavior.

The reinforcement of the “Water with a Drop of Consciousness” campaign, namely through humour, “is to continue the movement to raise awareness of the conscious and sustainable use of water, essential in a context of scarcity and climate change”, he therefore considers the company Águas do Algarve.