Portuguese lighthouses received a record number of visitors in 2018

There are four lighthouses open to visitors in the Algarve

FaroXNUMX of Cape Santa Maria

The 28 Portuguese lighthouses open to the public, four of which are in the Algarve, received 2018 visitors in 101.613, setting a new record. 

Compared to 2017, in which there were 73.892 visitors, there was an increase of 27.721 visitors.

​The increase "is also a record since, since the lighthouses opened to the public in 2011, the average annual increase in visitors was 7600", says the National Maritime Authority.

At the top of the preferences is the Farol from Aveiro, which this year registered 15 561 visitors. The second and third most visited Portuguese lighthouses this year are located in Madeira and the Azores and are the FaroXNUMX of Ponta do Pargo and Farol from Arnel, which registered 15 and 301 visitors, respectively.

On the mainland, the 15 lighthouses open to the public registered 53.580 visitors. In Madeira, the two lighthouses open to the public totaled 23.410 visitors and, in the Azores, the 11 lighthouses open to the public were visited by 24.623 people.

«The opening of the lighthouses to the public is an initiative that aims to disseminate the history, heritage and activity of the lighthouses and faroMaritime Authority,” explains the National Maritime Authority.

In the Algarve there are four lighthouses open to visitors: Cabo de São Vicente (Sagres), Alfanzina (Lagoa), Santa Maria (Culatra – Faro) and Vila Real de Santo António.

To find out more about the lighthouses open to visits and their respective times, see here the page of the National Maritime Authority.