Night Walk “São Martinho” runs through Alcantarilha and Pêra and ends with magusto

Activity is free and ends with chestnuts and jeropiga

The XXIV Night Pedestrian Walk “São Martinho” is scheduled for the next Saturday, November 10, 2018, with a concentration and departure scheduled for 21 pm, at the Largo do Mercado Municipal de Alcantarilha.

At the end of the tour, scheduled for 21 pm, at the Club's new Social Headquarters, located in the building of the former EB15 school in Malhão, in Alcantarilha Gare, there will be a magusto, «where there will be no shortage of roasted chestnuts and jeropiga».

Participation in the initiative, organized by the Alcantarilha Gare Adventure and Sports Group, with the support of the City Council of Silves, does not require prior registration and is free of charge.

The tour will be done on a «predominantly pedestrian path, with an approximate length of 9 kilometers, which will be made on street paths, located in the Union of Parishes of Alcantarilha and Pêra.

The level of demand for the route is medium-low, «allowing the adhesion of different age groups (complete families).