Associations demand answers about felling trees in Cacela Velha

Associations denounce that there is a "deafening and opaque silence" about the felling of trees

Eight associations got together to demand answers and justifications about the "rude blow" in the landscape that was the felling of trees in Cacela Velha, in the middle of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

In a statement, the signatories say that the "extensive action of total removal of vegetation cover, without regard to species, size or location" left a "bare terrain, completely exposed to erosive phenomena, on the margin of a watercourse, along a tens of hectares'.

These deforestation works, remember, took place in a private property, which is in an area protected by the National Agricultural Reserve (RAN) and National Ecological Reserve (REN).

At the time, at first, a source from the GNR revealed to the Sul Informação that the cleaning “was authorized” by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) and was carried out “under Decree-Law 124” which regulates the mandatory clearing of land.

Then, in response to questions from the Sul Informação, ICNF guaranteed that "no authorization was requested" for the felling of trees, in Cacela Velha, in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and who will analyze the process.

"As the purpose or intention of this razing in Cacela is not clear, nor the framework for it, denunciations were made, information was requested, questions were asked and responsibilities were requested from the competent entities, responsible for the protection of the environmental and heritage values ​​present", says the statement.

Two weeks later, “no response or even any information on the progress of any inquiry or investigation. Nor the questions asked by deputies to the Assembly of the Republic, elected by the Algarve, were attended. There is only a deafening and opaque silence», he denounces.

Therefore, the eight subscribing organizations of the communiqué demand "responses to the participations made by associations and citizens, in order to remove the climate of disinformation and suspicion that surrounds this case".


Signatory associations:

ADRIP – Association for the Defense, Rehabilitation, Research and Promotion of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Cacela
AGECAL – Association of Cultural Managers of the Algarve
ALMARGEM – Association for the Defense of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Algarve
ATGDM – Association of Lands and Peoples of the Mediterranean Diet
IN LOCO – Think Global, Act Local
LPN – League for the Protection of Nature
QUERCUS – National Association for the Conservation of Nature