Grande Rota do Guadiana is a pilot itinerary on a digital monitoring platform

The Great Route of the Guadiana (GR15) is the pilot itinerary of the digital application that is being created and whose […]

Great Route of the GuadianaThe Great Route of the Guadiana (GR15) is the pilot itinerary of the digital application that is being created and whose objective is to solve occurrences on the cycling and pedestrian routes in the Algarve.

Records such as damaged or missing signage, rubbish or debris along the route, safety issues or interruption of the road, are some of the cases that can be detected on the platform, using the application that is in the testing phase.

In the scope of the «Cycling and Walking» program, Odiana received in the beginning of October two technicians, from the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL) and from the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), a team that is developing an application (app) for registration of occurrences on the anchor routes of the Algarve, cycling and pedestrians.

This app is intended to be a tool to support territory management based on AMAL's "City as a Platform", a digital application for report.

The app team, together with Odiana's technical team, went to the field and covered a short section of the GR15 to test the app.

The platform will be available to technicians from entities with responsibility for the implementation and management of routes and allows recording of any type of occurrence, in terms of description and georeferencing, so that any technical element can be informed of the occurrence and deal with its resolution.

«The main goal is to locate, manage and solve, as soon as possible, occurrences that can be registered on cycling and/or pedestrian routes and that prevent the tourist or resident from taking advantage of these routes.

The GR15 is a pedestrian route that crosses three counties, from the coast, barrocal and mountains. There are about 65 kilometers of pedestrian route, from Vila Real de Santo António, passing through Castro Marim and ending in Alcoutim (or vice versa).

The «Cycling & Walking» program 2016-2019 aims to rehabilitate and establish new routes for walking/bike tours, creating maps with an integrated offer, investing in the dissemination and creation of a network of support services that improve the experience and correspond to demand needs, in order to combat seasonality in the destination.

This is an institutional partnership formed by AMAL, RTA, ATA and Turismo de Portugal.