Seven artists and six Algarve localities come together to create public art

Seven artists and the population of six villages and towns in the Algarve will produce art together through the project […]

poster-WATT-general-EDPSeven artists and the population of six villages and towns in the Algarve will produce art together through the “WATT?” project. In Vila do Bispo, Barão de São João, Mexilhoeira Grande/Figueira, Alte, Alportel and São Bartolomeu de Messines will be born 20 works of public art in which the population will have a say from the moment the idea was created until its execution .

Jorge Pereira, Mariana the Miserable, menu, Render, Susana Gaudencio, James Baptist e Xana are the artists who will participate in the project.

In a first phase, the population is invited to talk with the artists in each location. The community will be able to express their interests and share inspiring stories. The first two locations to receive this conversation will be São Bartolomeu de Messines, this Friday, April 22, at 19 pm, at the Messines Instruction and Recreation Society, and Alte, on Saturday, at 00 pm, at the Cândido Guerreiro and Museological Pole Counts of Alte.

On the 29th, the artists will go to Vila do Bispo, on the 30th, to Barão de São João, on the 7th of May to Mexilhoeira Grande/Figueira and the meeting in Alportel has yet to be confirmed. The project schedule and its progress can be consulted here.

The artists then return to towns and villages to present their proposals and dialogue with the population about them.

When the seven artists return to the localities again, it will be to produce the works of art, a moment accompanied by the watchful eye of the population, who also participate in community interventions.

Once the work has been completed, “will a roadmap be defined that will include all the works produced under the WATT? in the Algarve and guided tours were carried out, inviting the general public to discover new places and new artistic approaches», explains the Creative Arts Laboratory - LAC, which promotes the initiative, in partnership with the EDP Foundation.

"These visits will also serve to train inhabitants and local entities in the presentation of works produced in their localities, in order to later lead the guided tours, and allowing these local agents to have autonomy over this initiative", adds the organization.

According to LAC, this is "a public art project in rural areas, national in scope and oriented towards low-density territories, as an instrument of social inclusion."

WATT? «aimed at accessing art and involving the population in new cultural experiences, as well as stimulating local development, through the realization of public art works in rural areas».