CCDR articulated to intervene with 1,9 million in the development of the Algarve

Two phases and around 1,9 million euros later, the “Articulate to Intervene” project helped to stimulate development […]

Joint Balance to InterveneTwo phases and around 1,9 million euros later, the “Articular para Intervir” project helped to stimulate regional development and structure economic activities capable of creating jobs and alleviating the asymmetries between the coast and the interior of the Algarve.

This is the opinion of the president of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) of the Algarve, which promoted the two phases of this project co-financed by European funds, as well as its institutional partners.

“These projects bring us more wealth, more centrality, create jobs. The main interventions of Articular para Intervir have the gift of settling people, some in the interior of the territory, in low-density areas», summarized the head of the CCDR in the Algarve.

"This way of promoting regional development works and we, in the Chamber of Tavira, are witnesses", assured, for his part, the president of the Tavira municipality, Jorge Botelho, at the opening session of a session where the balance of the two phases was made. of the «Articular para Intervir», which took place on Tuesday, at the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School (EHTA), in Faro.

This municipality was closely linked to the work done around the Mediterranean Diet, one of the valences of the CCDR project in the Algarve, since Tavira was the representative community of Portugal in the winning application that allowed the recognition of the Portuguese Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity .

On the sidelines of the session, the president of the CCDR of Algarve David Santos highlighted not only this project – which despite having a central hub in Tavira, has a «regional scope» -, but also two other initiatives that took place under the umbrella Articular to Intervene: TASA (Ancestral Techniques, Current Solutions) and the Algarve Motorhome Network.

task_1«The objective was, even, to articulate to intervene. We had these three main projects, in which we have public and private partners", framed David Santos, adding that, of the 1,9 million euros invested, "about 1,3 million came from the European Union".

In the case of the TASA project, a product of the house, the inclusion in these two applications aimed to take a step further, in an initiative that came from behind. «We sought to complement the initial strategy, which involved a survey of the artisans, arts and products that exist in the region. In this second phase of TASA, we wanted to promote the artisans, but already from a perspective of dissemination abroad and marketing», he explained. "In a third phase, we want to make a candidacy where the issue of training can be included," added the president of the CCDRA.

Another bet was the creation of a formal motorhome network, covering the entire region. «As we all know, it was common to see in places that should be environmentally well-defended, the presence of motorhomes, because there were no places to accommodate them. Today, we have a network across the Algarve, with well-defined parameters for quality and safety, spread throughout the Algarve, both inland and on the coast. This is a type of tourism that goes against seasonality, because it happens a lot outside the high season», he stressed.

David Santos assured that the CCDR is already thinking about a candidacy for the Algarve 2020, which will allow not only to continue with TASA, but also with the other projects of «Articular para Intervir». A continuity that will always be «from the perspective of natural resources, the knowledge existing in the region and the articulated promotion of the Algarve».

Motorhome_1The Algarve Tourism Region is grateful for the commitment made by CCDR do Algarve to these applications, of which it was a partner. The president of this entity Desidério Silva has defended, since he took office, the need to work in a network and sought to structure tourist offers that complement the Solo and Praia, namely nature and cultural tourism. And the «Articular para Intervir» fits into this Algarve Tourism strategy.

Last Tuesday, EHTA hosted technicians from various public entities, as well as representatives of private partner entities in the two phases of the CCDR project in the Algarve, such as the In Loco association and the companies Tertúlia Algarvia and ProAtiveTur.

Throughout the day, the results of the three projects considered as main by David Santos were presented, as well as other initiatives included in the «Articular para Intervir», namely «Algarve Acolhe», linked to business reception areas, and the Mobility Portal and Transport that CCDR do Algarve is developing.