Lota Cool Market is «praise of culture and innovation» in the riverside area of ​​Portimão

It is a market of new crafts and design, seasoned with a lot of street food and gourmet, and animated by the music of the […]

Cool_Swetcherry PhotographyIt's a market for new crafts and design, seasoned with lots of street food e good gourmet food, and animated by the music of Os Compotas and by DJs La Kedi and Miss Baila. This is the 2nd edition of Cool Market Auction, which this Saturday, 23rd of May, between 16 pm and midnight, will animate the riverside area of ​​Portimão and the building of the old auction house, inspired this year by a “Summer Roadtrip”.

Half a hundred exhibitors confirmed their presence in this second edition, mostly young Portuguese creators with small brands and micro companies of original products, from new crafts to design, including proposals for street food e good gourmet food and even in the music area funk and entertainment.

The selection of products that make up this showcase seeks not only to reflect current trends, but also to contribute to recreate the intended environment, a journey with road, sun, river, mountains and sea, but also to remember encounters, disagreements and reunions.

Diana Condesso, the project's mentor, explained to Sul Informação that, at Lota Cool Market, «there are no traditional products, only reinterpretations of the traditional and their own creations», of creators and small companies in the Algarve and throughout the country.

The market is thus «a compliment to culture and innovation, to what is cool at the moment, to our Algarve, as it is a truly southern market, by the river and at sunset», he added.

In the category of new handicrafts, there will be no shortage of handmade products, many of them inspired by traditional techniques, although with a touch of modernity, following contemporary colors and motifs, such as YOUNIC4you, which will bring to the auction very cool and colorful sardines , which can serve as a key holder, or as pins giving a special touch to an item of clothing.

gone fishing auction cool marketThe Story Tellers will also be present in this field, made from waste turned into paper sculptures and always with special messages, which have stories to tell.

Almost like a trip to an enchanted kingdom are the things at Rosa Chock Boutique, which, with their tents and wooden horses, will transport you to a universe of fantasy and dreams.

Design is present through signature products such as Bioco Tradition, an ancient traditional costume from the Algarve that has traveled to the present, in a haute couture version.

And because the market more cool from the south likes to praise what is Portuguese, but in an innovative way, there could be no shortage of pieces made of cork with the presence of Likecork, which uses this very iconic material in modern pieces from design.

Another presence will be Repto, which is much more than a clothing brand and whose maxim is to produce high quality products, based on the powerful and recognized Portuguese textile industry.

In addition to these brands, there will be many others such as Banana-Lima, Concept Card, AC Cores, Happy Brunete, Gone Fishing Tattoos, Blu-B, wishªcolor, Desfiarte, Verde Água, Ode6xe, 100Jeitos, Metro Bikes, DaAnna, Márcia Neto Jewelry, Mareterra , Inédita Stationery, Mimos and Prendinhas, Alambre Exclusive Furniture, Crochet&Co, among many other proposals.

When it comes to food, it's business projects.treet food which will have a special presence, bringing to the riverside the new fashion for vintage vans serving food on the street, such as “Caipijoca's”, which so shined and heated up in the 1st edition.

And with the theme of travel, there could be no lack of a bus that sells half-meter toast, Rock n'Doll, or the Aussie Burguers of Taberna Cool 33, a novelty resulting from a trip.

Also pay attention to the return of Amour Gourmet, with chocolates to warm our hearts, or Rebuçadeiro, which this year, in addition to reinvented traditional sweets, brings snacks of fruit, gums and marshmallows homemade.

LotaCool2_Sweetcherry photographyIn this field, you could not miss Gin Sul, a gin made with lemons from Odeceixe, a beautiful destination for a Summer Roadtrip, or Dom Chique, which presents here, almost at first hand, a new Algarvian liqueur, made from medronho and honey.

The entertainment category complements and enriches the atmosphere of this "trip", whether with the presence of a caravan mode "Surf Trip" from Portimão Surf Clube, with technicians and materials that will try to provide exercises that recreate the practice of surfing, or by presence of Inovate, of a creative and dynamic nature that will bring very inspiring surprises.

At this level, the electric TukTuk, by Allgav TukTuk, will also be present, which at a special price on market day will take you to the most emblematic areas of Portimão, Lagoa, Silves and Monchique.

In addition to many other exhibitors with Portuguese brands and with the theme of travel that will be present in the riverside area, being solidary is cool and this edition once again hosts the Vela Solidária project, with boat trips.

Anyone wishing to contribute with a donation, whatever the amount, will be entitled to a tour of the River Arade.

mass danceWhen it comes to music, Lota Cool Market is not just a market, but “The Coolest Market in the South” and it is intended that everyone has fun, that they stay there from beginning to end.

This year the bet was to bring a band, the most groove from the city of Portimão, which, in turn, has also been making its own roadtrip numa tour Outside Europe: they are the Compotas, which work between 20 pm and 22 pm.

The animation will also be in charge of two Djs: DJ La Kedi (18:00 to 20:00), with influences from R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Tripop and funk, and Dj Miss Baila (22:00 to 24:00), with influences from Africa – Funk – Soul – World Music – MPB – Latin.

In short, Lota Cool Market aims to be a place for the promotion and dissemination of small businesses, especially quality Portuguese craft products, often only sold. online.

Diana Condesso adds that, despite not having succeeded, as intended, «to increase the number of participating brands», it managed to «raise the level compared to last year, above all by promoting a new dynamic on the part of the participants».

Thus, there are participants who have a different dynamic of participation, promoting activities themselves, as is the case of Portimão Surf Clube, which will recreate a a surf trip and projecting photos and videos, from Clube Bicross, which will make a presentation of the sport, from Inovarte, who will create a large object for which people will need help, or even from Rosa Choque, who will have their tents for the children , with a cheerleader.

cool market_2 auction«I asked everyone to pay close attention to the way they present themselves at the Lota Cool Market», guarantees Diana Condesso. "But the result even for me will be a surprise." Only tomorrow will she and all visitors to this market on the banks of the Arade river find out what the brands and creators have in store for them.

And don't be surprised if, in the middle, you come across many, even many photographers. In addition to the fact that, in addition to the fact that the market invites registration in photography, due to the color and innovation of its products, this Saturday is also the day of the Photographic Race of Portimão, and competitors will not miss the opportunity to register here, who knows, an image to be awarded.

Diana Condesso's idea is once again organized by Teia d'Impulsos – Social, Cultural and Sports Association and institutional support from the Portimão City Council, the Portimão Parish Council and the Portimão Museum.

After the great success of the previous edition, it intends to show once again the Market concept Pop Up outdoor that brings together unique and original proposals from urban artisans, new designers and artists from the most diverse areas.

In "sunset" hours, from 16:00 pm to 24:00 am, Lota Cool Market is free, with the partnership of Sul Informação at the media level, in addition to the support of Etic-Algarve, Sweet Cherry- photography, Pedras Salgadas and FUSECoders.