National PSD confirmed Rogério Bacalhau as a candidate for the Chamber of Faro

The National Political Commission of the PSD confirmed this Tuesday Rogério Bacalhau as the party's candidate for the presidency of the Chamber […]

The PSD's National Political Commission confirmed this Tuesday Rogério Bacalhau as the party's candidate for the presidency of the Chamber of Faro. Social Democratic leaders at national level confirmed the decision of the PSD/Faro, which had also already received the endorsement of the party at the regional level.

The current vice-president of the municipality advances to the detriment of Macário Correia, who chose not to be a candidate while the court process that could grant him the current municipal mandate is ongoing.

Rogério Bacalhau's choice was received with enthusiasm, both in the Political Commission of the PSD/Faro where the name was originally chosen, as in the Assembly of Militants that followed, where the name of the Mathematics teacher was approved “by unanimity and with calm”.

«For the PSD/Faro, who led and actively participated in all stages of the process, together with the district and national municipal coordination, is a natural and obvious choice given what is expected of a Mayor of Faro these days», revealed the Farense Social Democrats in a press release.

«Rogério Bacalhau brings with him all the credibility, competence and honesty that allow Farenses to sleep peacefully, as they will have, at the head of the Municipality's destinies, someone they can trust at all times. It brings experience and vision. It gives guarantees», they believe.

With the choice of Rogério Bacalhau, the PSD/Faro wants to give a sign that, despite the departure of Macário Correia, the current executive's project will continue.

The candidate, they assure, «had an important role in rescuing the municipality from one of the most embarrassing moments in its history when, in 2009, it was unable to fulfill contracts, did not pay suppliers and barely had to pay its employees».

«Prof. Rogério Bacalhau Coelho is the one we believe can best carry out the necessary task of consolidating the difficult path already traveled, as well as, with a plural and inclusive candidacy, building new paths that unite the Farenses in the task of offering better solutions for the development of the municipality» , considered the PSD/Faro.


Short CV of Rogério Bacalhau:

«With a degree in Mathematics, Professor Bacalhau has been linked to his teaching career, having been President of the Executive Board of Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa, which he helped to stand out for the innovation and impeccable management of human and financial resources implemented there. As Vice-President of the Chamber, for the last 4 years, he has been responsible for, among others, the areas of Education, Human Resources, Finance and Municipal Heritage, External Financing and General Administration».