Rogério Bacalhau is the candidate for the Chamber chosen by the PSD/Faro

Rogério Bacalhau was the candidate for the Chamber of Faro chosen "unanimously and with acclamation" by around 100 militants […]

Rogério Bacalhau was the candidate for the Chamber of Faro chosen "unanimously and with acclamation" by about 100 PSD militants who met this Friday night in a section assembly of Farense Social Democrats.

The current number two of the Chamber of Faro succeeds Macário Correia as the Social Democrats' bet in the Algarve capital, whose re-candidacy will, at this moment, be completely ruled out.

The council's decision will still have to be "approved by the district commission and ratified by the national commission", but the leader of the PSD/Faro Cristóvão Norte believes that the choice of the Farense militants "will be welcomed with all enthusiasm" by the highest levels of the party.

Second revealed to Sul Informação the president of the PSD/Faro, shortly after the decision was taken by the Farense militants of the PSD, the process was carried out “in line” with the regional and national structure of the PSD, hence the conviction that the choice will not be contested.

The official announcement of the Social Democratic candidate for Faro it will be done “on March 26th”, announced Cristovão Norte.

The leader of the council of Faro from the PSD praised the work and personality of Rogério Bacalhau, considering that the choice “interprets not only the will of the party, but also of the Farenses, who recognize the candidate's capacity for work, commitment and dedication to public service”.

Rogério Bacalhau Coelho is the current vice president of the Chamber of Faro and councilor responsible for the areas of Education, Human Resources, Health and Safety at Work, Finance and Municipal Heritage, Private Notary, External Financing, General Administration and Fees and Licenses.

Before assuming the position of councilor, he occupied for many years the position of director of the Secondary School Pinheiro e Rosa, in Faro.