Louis Anjos, Head of Suites Alba Resort & Spa, is Chef of the Year

Louis Anjos, Executive Head of Suites Alba Resort & Spa (on Albandeira Beach, Lagoa), has just won the 23rd […]

Louis Anjos, Executive Chef of Suites Alba Resort & Spa (on Albandeira Beach, Lagoa), has just won the 23rd edition of the Chef of the Year Contest, promoted by Edições do Gosto.

The National Final took place on November 28th and 29th, at the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School, with the eight finalists who had to prepare a menu consisting of starter, fish dish, meat dish and dessert with ingredients from a basket surprise.

The Head of Suites Alba Resort & Spa was the competitor who gathered the highest score by a jury that evaluated the quality and technique of the menus presented.

Louis Anjos got the title of Chef of the Year with his entry of “The Serra cheese, the pumpkin and the mushrooms”, followed by “The Mackerel in Mediterranean flavours”, and by the “Leg, loin and lamb giblets at vegetable garden”, as a fish and meat dish respectively, and ended with a dessert of “The pineapple, coriander and coconut”.

According to the Chef, “the Chef of the Year Contest is one of the most recognized and important events for professionals in the sector, continually investing in the dignification of the profession and the evolution of the kitchen professional”.

Louis Anjos does not hide his satisfaction: “it is a great honor to receive this distinction from such a prestigious jury and with such firm credits in the international gastronomic scene. I would also like to thank all the support given by the institution I represent”, thus leaving words of appreciation and recognition for the Suites Alba Resort & Spa.

The Chef was awarded an internship at the restaurant “O Viajante”, one of the most renowned gastronomic spots in the cosmopolitan British capital in London, with Chef Nuno Mendes, a check for 1000 euros Makro Cash & Carry, Unilever Food Solutions and Mistolin products, Illy coffee machine, Icel knife case and Schweppes gift.

This event, organized annually by Edições do Gosto, has as its main objective the dignification and enhancement of professionals in the gastronomic sector, also contributing to the internationalization of Portuguese cuisine and cooks.


about the boss

Louis Anjos is a young professional who has vast experience in the catering sector, consolidated in the hotel business, where he held prominent roles as Chef de Cuisine and Chef de Departure at the Villa Batalha, Villa Vita Parc and Vila Lara Resort hotels.

The Chef presents an original gastronomic identity, characterizing his culinary style as creative, versatile and fun, with contemporary inspiration.

Its menus translate into a harmonious and daring symbiosis between Portuguese traditionalism and the most exquisite flavors in the world, from French, Italian and North African cuisine, in a combination of flavors and textures.