Algarve producers seek new markets in Germany

Five Algarve producers will participate in the celebrations of 10 June, Day of Portugal and Communities, in Stuttgart, […]

Five Algarve producers will participate in the celebrations of June 10, Portugal and Communities Day, in Stuttgart, Germany, looking for new customers in the German market, thus filling the gaps left by the crisis and that are felt in the pockets of Portuguese consumers.

Similar to what French diplomatic representations have practiced for several years with the support of Sopexa, the Portuguese Consulate General in Stuttgart has been promoting, since last year, with the support of Força Motriz (communication agency specialized in the international promotion of gastronomic products of quality), the Portuguese Intangible Heritage, which includes sounds, smells, colors, flavours. In other words, fado, wines, liqueurs, brandies and a wide range of high quality gastronomic elements.

The Stuttgart City Council, through the intervention of General Consul Manuel Samuel, opens the doors of the Salão Nobre to Portuguese producers, namely Dão, Douro and Setúbal wines, but also to Rui Simeão (Tavira) salt, to sausages from Evangelista Oliveira (Monchique), to Medronho by Rui Oliveira (Monchique) and to “Aguardente” by José da Palma Silva (Cachopo), and also to the salt from the “Terras de Sal” of the Castro Marim Association of Salt Producers.

Algarvian Raquel Peters was the invited fado singer to fill Stuttgart with Portuguese sounds on the night of June 10th.

It was the days of the Institute of Portuguese Democracy – Algarve, organized by Antonieta Guerreiro, former PSD parliamentarian, which took place in Albufeira at the end of April, which made known to Força Motriz the Algarve producers who are now seeking entry into a of Europe's most competitive markets.

According to Antonieta Guerreiro, the contact to help promote Algarve products was unexpected but very welcome. «The quality of our products was a surprise for some people in Lisbon, so the possibility of taking these delicacies to participate in the event in Stuttgart arose. Obviously there are inherent costs and, at this time, not all producers are in a financial position to participate. It was in this sense that I tried, based on the personal contacts I have, to find mechanisms for financial support. It has not been easy, but I hope that other opportunities arise and that we can find more support with more time».

«From a list of more than 20 potential participants, we came to five producers who currently have the financial, labor or production availability to leverage their own business in Germany. Times are tough and all the help will be needed», he adds.

Until June 4th, confirmation is still expected from more producers who want to join this event.