Seminar «Sports management in analysis» brings together two hundred people in Loulé

About two hundred people attended the seminar “Sport Management in Analysis”, which took place on 25 November […]

About two hundred people attended the seminar «Sports Management in Analysis», which took place on November 25 and is included in the Cycle of Conferences developed by the Physical Education and Sport course of Instituto Superior Dom Afonso III (INUAF), with headquarters in Loule.

In this seminar, several themes were addressed, all of them related to sports management, highlighting the «Health-Clubs Management», where the case of Club L – Eva Health Club was presented, by the director Cláudio Silva.

This was followed by the theme «Design, Control and Marketing in Sport Events» guided by Professor Horácio Lopes.

In the afternoon, the work began with a presentation by Professor Paulo Reis, who demonstrated how good results are obtained in managing a club (Clube Vidigalense).

Francisco Santos continued the work through very practical experiences on the management of a golf course, specifically the Campo de Golfe do Morgado.

Finally, Antonio Ruiz explained to those present how to make a profit of a public structure, specifically the High Performance Center in Seville.