Music sales in Portugal totaled 36,5 million last year

However, «the consumption of national music is far below that of most countries»

Music sales in Portugal totaled 36,5 million euros last year, which represents an increase of 17,4% compared to the previous year, the Phonographic Producers Rights Management Association (Audiogest) announced today.

In the 2023 annual record market report, released today, Audiogest highlights that, «in a year with significant results for the music industry, the consolidation of streaming services was observed, which now represent 73% of total music sales. music in Portugal».

For that association, «this growth not only highlights the importance of streaming platforms in the consumption of music and in the way the public accesses and enjoys it, but also demonstrates the industry's effective adaptation to them».

Audiogest also highlights that, last year, 61% of users of streaming platforms accessed them through paid subscriptions.

Last year, sales in the digital market increased by 25%, compared to 2022, from 21,6 million euros to 27,1 million euros.

As far as the digital market is concerned, the vast majority of revenue (98%, which corresponds to around 27 million euros) comes from streaming.

The remaining 2% of revenues from the digital market (corresponding to around 569 thousand euros) relate to 'downloads' in the 'mobile' segment.

Last year, physical sales “remained stable”, with a variation of -0,9%, going from 8,9 million euros in 2022 to 8,8 million euros last year.

Vinyl records represented 70% of physical sales last year (which corresponds to six million euros).

According to Audiogest, «national artists have had a significant impact in the field of music sharing platforms».

The Top 10 of last year's streaming charts included four Portuguese songs: “Como tu”, by Bárbara Bandeira with Ivandro, “Chakras”, by Ivandro with Julinho KSD, “Casa”, by DAMA with Buba Espinho, and “ Lua”, by Ivandro.

However, «the consumption of national music is far below that of most countries».

Furthermore, the association states, “the growing popularity of national artists is not, however, paralleled in the Top Music broadcast on the Radio (weighted according to audience)”.

“It is expected, however, that 2024 will bring changes in this area, as last September the Ministry of Culture, in view of long-standing demands from the sector, once again set the mandatory minimum quota of Portuguese music in the programming of broadcasting program services. sound by 30%. This measure is a great incentive for national musicians and will be another contribution to the vitality of the music production sector in Portugal”, considers Audiogest.