Olhão promotes a show to raise awareness about the prevention of child abuse

Olhão proposes to all partners to illuminate their buildings at night with blue light

The Municipality of Olhão will also join the Campaign of the National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Young People (CNPDPCJ) to mark this month for the prevention of child abuse, promoting a show. 

In addition to lighting up with the color blue and decorating the facades with blue bows in some of the city's municipal buildings and public spaces, the municipality organizes a dance show, by the Outsiders, which takes place on April 30th, at 10 am, in the Municipal Auditorium of Olhão.

The event is aimed at students in the 3rd cycle of schools in the municipality and will be attended by representatives from the Municipality, CNPDPCJ, Social Security and CPCJO.

The show will have an interactive nature, including messages and choreography alluding to the theme and carefully prepared for young people.

With this initiative, which has as its motto “I will be what you give me… let it be love”, and which runs throughout the month of April, the aim is to give visibility to the scourge of child abuse, as well as to alert and raise awareness among all people to prevent and combat this reality.

In Olhão, the Municipality and CPCJO propose that all partners illuminate their buildings at night with blue light and/or decorate the facades with a blue bow.



This prevention campaign began in 1989, in the United States of America, when a grandmother, to honor her dead grandchildren, both victims of child abuse, tied a blue ribbon to her car's antenna, causing people to question themselves. Blue symbolizes the color of the injuries on the beaten bodies and served as a constant reminder of their fight to protect children against abuse. This form of awareness ended up expanding throughout the world and today many Countries use blue ribbons during the month of April in memory of those who died as a result of child abuse, and as a way of supporting families and strengthening communities in the efforts necessary to prevent this problem.

This grandmother's story will also serve as a motto for the topic of child abuse to be addressed in classrooms in the municipality's various schools, during the last week of April, with the aim of informing and raising awareness among children and young people about the problem.