Minister announces granting of subsidy to PSP and GNR

Value is not yet defined

Minister Margarida Blasco – Photo: António Cotrim | Lusa

The Minister of Internal Administration announced today that she will present, on May 2nd, a proposal to grant a subsidy to members of the PSP and GNR, which she believes will satisfy the police.

“In this protocol that we negotiated today, the priority was the discussion of risk subsidy, which is a horizontal matter and which the unions consider to be a priority and which we, the Government, will take into good account”, Margarida Blasco told journalists, at the end of the meetings with GNR socio-professional associations and PSP unions.

The minister clarified that she does not yet know whether it will be a risk subsidy or a mission supplement, and a formula will then be found that applies to the PSP and GNR.

Margarida Blasco declined to say what amount and how the subsidy will be awarded, referring to the proposal that will be presented on May 02nd.

“We are doing very hard work to present this proposal to the unions with all the conditions and what we understand to be satisfaction for all police professionals”, he stated.

Upon leaving the meeting, the president of the Association of Guard Professionals (APG/GNR) said that the Minister of Internal Administration guaranteed the allocation of the mission supplement, but did not present any value at the meeting, referring to a new meeting on May 2nd.

“The minister guaranteed that [the mission supplement] will be assigned and that is why we are in these meetings”, César Nogueira told journalists at the end of the meeting with the Minister of Internal Administration, Margarida Blasco.

The president of the APG also highlighted that Margarida Blasco made a commitment that the military of the Republican National Guard “will not be harmed” nor “penalized” in relation to the Judiciary Police inspectors.

“They made a commitment that they will present on the 2nd and we hope that it will actually be resolved and that no further meetings will be necessary, despite there being a meeting already scheduled for May 15th”, he said.

Explaining that the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) team did not present any value today for the mission supplement, César Nogueira said that the MAI will present the numbers at the May 2 meeting.

“We hope there will not be a need for a next meeting beyond the 2nd”, he stated, stressing that the priority issue for the GNR military is the attribution of a supplement identical to that given by the previous Government to PJ inspectors.

The president of the most representative association of the Guard maintained that GNR soldiers “cannot be treated differently” in relation to PJ inspectors.

Asked why the minister had not presented any value today, the guards' representative replied that the MAI team is still dealing with the values ​​by category and posts.

César Nogueira explained that the GNR military advocates that the current security and risk force supplement, which has a fixed component of 100 euros and a variable component of 20% of the salary, be replaced by the mission supplement, which should be 15%. of the base salary stipulated for the national director of the PJ, totaling 1.026 euros.

In addition to the Police Professionals Union Association, Margarida Blasco met with the National Association of Guard Sergeants (ANSG), the Independent Professional Member Association of the Guard (ASPIG), the Autonomous National Guard Association (ANAG) and the National Association of Guard Officers (ANOG) and also with the PSP unions.