Man drowns on Inatel beach in Albufeira

Two people who tried to rescue the man also had to be rescued

A 52-year-old man of Irish nationality drowned on the afternoon of Saturday, April 20, at Inatel beach, in Albufeira. 

«According to what was possible to ascertain, the man was in difficulties in the water, with two members of the public trying to rescue him without success and also getting into difficulties», explains the National Maritime Authority.

In a note, the AMN clarifies that the alert was received at 12:54 p.m., stating that there were three people "in difficulties in the water at Inatel beach", and elements of the local command of the Portimão Maritime Police were immediately activated to the scene. , the Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters, the INEM Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle and the GNR.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Maritime Police found that three people were rescued by lifeguards from the adjacent beach, Praia dos Pescadores, with one of the victims being removed from the water in an unconscious state.

According to AMN, the 52-year-old man, of Irish nationality, was “promptly assisted by lifeguards who began resuscitation maneuvers, until the arrival of the Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters and INEM, who continued the maneuvers, but to no avail. ».

Death was declared at the scene by the INEM doctor, and after contact with the Public Ministry, the body was transported by firefighters to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Portimão.

The Maritime Police Psychology Office has been activated.

Albufeira is one of the few municipalities in the country where there are lifeguards at this time of year. Last year, the Chamber decided to create a surveillance post with a lifeguard, to ensure that assistance on the beaches of Peneco, Pescadores and Alemães, up to the jetty, is provided throughout the year.


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