Albufeira will maintain surveillance on the urban front beaches this winter

Under an agreement with ANSA

Albufeira City Council will create a surveillance post with a lifeguard, to ensure assistance on the beaches of Peneco, Pescadores and Alemães, right up to the jetty, throughout the year.

The decision was taken at the last Chamber Meeting, during which an addendum to the collaboration protocol that the municipality maintains with ANSA – Association of Lifeguards of Albufeira was approved to ensure the continuity of surveillance on the urban front of the city.

The proposal was presented by Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president and responsible for the Environment and Maritime Affairs department at the municipality.

«Albufeira is one of the municipalities in the country with the longest bathing season, which runs from the 15th of May to the 15th of October. We are aware that we have all the conditions to receive tourists throughout the year and safety is one of the main reasons for choosing the destination», illustrated Cristiano Cabrita.

José Carlos Rolo, president of the Chamber, considered, for his part, that this measure is «of enormous importance», as «it helps to attract tourists throughout the year».

«This is not the first time that Albufeira has had surveillance on the beaches on the urban front», said José Carlos Rolo, highlighting that the municipality «is privileged for having a mild temperature that allows for beaches to be enjoyed throughout the year, which is why we led, in 2022, to adopt this solution, which aims to guarantee the safety of bathers on the aforementioned beaches, also during the low season».

This decision falls within the scope of surveillance and security within the scope of safe beaches 2023 and “also encompasses assistance and collaboration with human resources in the Albufeira Municipal Swimming Pools Surveillance Plan, as well as in the preparation of aquatic events, organized by the Municipality ».

ANSA will develop and implement all the measures recommended in the addendum of the Collaboration Protocol with the Albufeira City Council», he added.

ANSA is the only association of lifeguards in the municipality registered with the Portuguese Federation of Lifeguards and its activities “contribute to increasing the safety of bathers, providing them with a free service that contributes to reinforcing the image of Albufeira as a tourist destination of excellence".

Of the projects promoted by the association, the municipality highlights “Safe Beaches 2023”, «which allows the extension of its activities outside the low season», the implementation of the Assistance and Surveillance Plan in Municipal Swimming Pools, the support of lifeguards in safety and monitoring of the water plan of municipal swimming pools, support through the association's Mitsubishi 4×4 vehicles, Tratocar and complementary aid and rescue means, duly equipped with Oxygen Therapy and AED, certified by the Institute for Aid to Shipwrecked Persons and by the Municipal Program and of the Port Authority of Portimão, in coordination with the Port Captain.