AT warns of new fake email, this time about 'disagreements' with the IRS declaration

Fraudulent emails appear at a time when the annual IRS declaration submission campaign is underway

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) has warned that a false email is being circulated about “divergences” in the IRS declaration, warning that it only aims to convince taxpayers to click on a malicious link.

These fraudulent emails appear at a time when the annual IRS declaration delivery campaign is underway, which leads the AT to reinforce the warnings that in addition to being false, these messages only aim to access taxpayer data.

“We are aware that some taxpayers are receiving email messages supposedly coming from AT, referring to a possible discrepancy in an IRS declaration, in which they are asked to click on a link. These messages are false and should be ignored”, says the message published on the Finance Portal.

AT also advises taxpayers to always check “the sender's details” to see if the address belongs to the Tax and Customs Authority.

Among the false messages being sent is one in which the taxpayer is told that “your IRS declaration contains a discrepancy” and that to “Resolve the discrepancy, use the option below” – following the aforementioned malicious link.

The email is signed by “General Director Ifigênia Pilar”.

As on previous occasions, AT emphasizes that these messages “are false and should be ignored” and that “under no circumstances” should the taxpayer click on the links presented.