Lagos Municipal Assembly votes on housing report

This session takes place with the presence of the public.

The votes on the regulations of the Municipal Security Council and Municipal Cemeteries, as well as the Housing report are three of the items on the agenda of the next ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of Lagos which will take place on April 29th, starting at 20:30 pm , in the Auditorium of the XNUMXst Century City Hall Building. 

The first item on the agenda concerns the assessment and voting on the Accountability and Management Report documents from last year, from the Municipality of Lagos.

The vote to purchase two rustic buildings that make up the Marina Park 2 development follows.

The agenda also includes compliance with the deliberations of the Municipal Assembly of Lagos No. 97/AM/2016 and 12/AM/2021, on the legalization and rehabilitation of the Neighborhood of the Residents Association 25 de Abril, Apeadeiro, Meia Praia, and the assessment of the deliberations of the Youth Assembly.

This session takes place with the presence of the public.

Any citizen who wishes can intervene at the beginning of the session.

The intervention cannot exceed five minutes and requires prior registration, up to a maximum of five.

The work of this session can be followed online on the Lagos Municipal Assembly website.


Click here to view the announcement (PDF).