Arade Clássico featured «good waves», «good wave» and tribute to surfer Zé dos Cães

Last weekend

Praia da Rocha was, last weekend, the stage for the third edition of the Arade Clássico, an event that featured «good waves», «good waves» and a tribute to Zé dos Cães. 

At this event, in addition to highlighting Baltazar Pinto, in the Twin category, and Louis Escudeiro, in Longboard, visitors were able to visit an exhibition in honor of the Porto surfer Zé dos Cães, with large format photographs by Telmo Mendes, a surfboard showroom handmade by local shaper António Miguel, vintage clothing, surf simulator and some interventions by João Bracourt.

There was no shortage of music either, by DJs Cajó, Djuzen, Solymar, Simon and Groundswell.

Arade Clássico was sponsored by Go Chill, Corona, Why Not Soda, Arvad Wine, Jam, Lagos Surf Center and Secret Spot Surf Shop.

The organization was in charge of Portimão Surf Clube and surfer, artist and photographer João Bracourt.

Institutional support came from the Portimão Marina, Portimão City Council, Portimão Parish Council and IPDJ – Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth.