Accidents decrease, but serious injuries and run overs increase in March

Comparing to March last year

The PSP detected an average of 510 road traffic violations per day in March, a month in which the number of accidents and minor injuries decreased, but serious injuries and pedestrian collisions increased compared to March 2023.

The accident rate data is included in a PSP report, released today in a statement, which points to «a significant decrease in the number of accidents and minor injuries».

According to the data, 4.568 accidents were recorded during this period, 88 fewer than in March last year, resulting in seven deaths (one less), 54 serious injuries (4 more) and 1.224 minor injuries (137 fewer).

Regarding the recorded fatalities, the PSP states that five resulted from being run over (two more than in March 2023), one from a collision accident, as in the same period last year, and one from a skidding accident, three less.

During the month of March, the PSP carried out 2.266 road inspection actions across the country, inspecting 59.638 drivers and controlling 213.827 vehicles using radar.

In total, 15.811 administrative offenses were recorded, which is equivalent to an average of 510 infractions daily.

Of the registered infractions, the Public Security Police highlights 2.429 for speeding, which corresponds to 15,4% of the total registered infractions.

According to the data, 18.743 alcohol tests were carried out, resulting in 241 administrative offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Of these infractions, 48 ​​concern drivers to whom the reduced alcohol rate applies (drivers with a driving license for less than three years or professional drivers), which corresponds to around 20% of the infractions recorded for driving under the influence of the alcohol.

1.615 infractions were also detected for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 519 for lack of civil liability insurance, 424 for using a cell phone while driving, 178 for not using a seat belt and 41 for not using restraint systems ( car seats).

In the same period, 673 arrests were made for road crimes, namely 367 for driving under the influence of alcohol and 306 for driving without a legal license.

The PSP highlights that, «currently, the human factor of behavior is recognized as the most relevant condition for the occurrence of the majority of road accidents, whether due to infraction and/or disregard for traffic rules and signs, or in the face of an unexpected event» .

«As urban scenarios are highly dynamic, with multiple road users in constant movement, the behavior of drivers is a fundamental factor in continuing this trend of decreasing road accidents», he maintains.

As such, the PSP states that «it has been especially concerned with road traffic violations and behaviors that cause distraction among drivers, as these factors increase accident rates with a direct impact on the feeling of (in)safety of drivers and other users. of the main road axes».

The PSP calls on drivers to drive safely, adapting their driving to weather conditions and the condition of the road, and not to drive at excessive speed or under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances, and not to use a cell phone.