April 25th in Faro there will be Diogo Piçarra and “Opera de Abril”

The entire program is free entry, subject to space capacity.

A concert by Diogo Piçarra and the show “Ópera de Abril”. That's how Faro will mark 50 years of April 25th. 

The celebrations begin on the 24th, with a freedom march, starting at 11 am, departing from Avenida 00 de Outubro. For that night, the day before a holiday, Diogo Piçarra's concert is scheduled.

The musician from Faro will take the stage at Doca from 22pm.

On April 25th, there will be the traditional solemn session, starting at 14:45 pm, at Teatro Lethes. Before that, the flags will be raised in Pontinha.

The show “Ópera de Abril,” by Orquestra do Algarve, will start at 18:00 pm, at Teatro das Figuras.

All programming available here, is free to enter, subject to capacity.