Tito Paris, Teresinha Landeiro and Dubioza Kolektiv work on MED's 20th anniversary

MED Festival takes place from the 27th and 30th of June

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Tito Paris, Teresinha Landeiro, Dubioza Kolektiv and Oum are just some of the 20 artists already announced for the Med Festival, which will once again fill the streets of Loulé with culture and entertainment between the 27th and 30th of June – and which this year has for a guest country for the first time, which will be Morocco. 

The names, as well as the news that, from now on, every year, there will be a guest country, were announced this Friday, March 1st, at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL).

This year, it is up to the Kingdom of Morocco to be the first to showcase its culture and traditions in Loulé, through music, crafts, gastronomy, literature and other aspects.

«Having a guest country was a wish two years ago. Why Morocco? Arab influence in Loulé. There has also been a strengthening of ties with the kingdom of Morocco and it made sense to make this challenge», said Carlos Carmo, councilor of the Loulé Chamber, during the presentation at BTL.

A Souk will be recreated in the Cloister of the Convent of Espírito Santo, where visitors will be able to experience the true environment of the Maghreb.

However, the initiatives under this new “heading” begin long before the festival takes place. On the 23rd of March, the Cineteatro Louletano hosts a “MED Flavour” concert with elements from Morocco, the Al-Garawiyin Orchestra takes the stage to bring the music, as part of the Al-Mutamid Festival program.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação


The Al-Mutamid Ibn Abbad Association, through the honorary consul of Morocco in the Algarve, José Alegria, and the former rector of the University of Algarve, João Guerreiro, in collaboration with the Moroccan Embassy in the Algarve, are the main promoters of this initiative.

On the MED stages, Morocco is once again represented by Oum, a singer-songwriter of contemporary Moroccan popular music, with a career that spans mainly North Africa and Europe. Her work is a fusion of influences from Hassani, jazz, gospel, soul, Afrobeat and Sufi music.

For the first time, Chad, South Korea and Estonia will be represented, joining the dozens of nationalities that have already attended the MED.

Afrotronix is ​​an original concept, an Afrofuturist vision that carries a pan-African message created by famous Chadian-Canadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye. The band celebrates African algorithms through Afro electronic music, digital art, African fashion and African urban dance.

Electronics are also at the core of South Koreans Idiotape, the electronic trio that comes from Seoul. Influenced by Korean classic rock from the 1960s and 1970s, this group's sound is an innovative musical blend of synthesizer-driven rhythms and strong acoustic drum beats.

Puuluup will be Estonia's representatives at Eurovision 2024 and will also be at MED. The Estonian nu-folk duo was created in 2014 by Ramo Teder and Marko Veisson, who will be the first Estonians to appear at the Loulé festival.

The line-up for this 20th edition also goes to an icon of Palops music, Cape Verdean Tito Paris, musician, composer and singer based in Lisbon for several years.

Singer and composers Rita Vian begins to take her first steps in national music and Loulé will be another showcase for this young woman who, in 2022, received a Play Award in the New Artist category.

Among the first names already confirmed are Chico César (Brazil), Teresinha Landeiro (PT), Afrotronix (Chad), Anthony B (Jamaica), Antti Paalanen (Finland), Bixiga 70 (Brazil), Dubioza Kolektiv (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Idiotape (South Korea), Kumbia Boruka (Mexico/Chile/Argentina/France), Mazgani (Portugal/Iran), Mouvman Alé (Réunion Island), Oum (Morocco), Puuluup (Estonia), Roberto Fonseca (Cuba) , Sofiane Saidi (Algeria), Throes+The Shine (Angola/Portugal), Tito Paris (Cape Verde) and from Portugal, Kumpania Algazarra and Lina.

This year the MED Festival has 90 hours of music, 12 stages, 54 concerts, 378 musicians, 100 craft exhibitions, two art exhibitions in various parts of the venue, and 12 daily street entertainment groups.

The Festival's presentation at BTL was attended by Kompania Algazarra and Rita Vian.

Tickets are on pre-sale at BOL until June 23rd with prices of 10 euros daily, 35 euros family and 30 euros general pass.


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