Raimundo assumes “negative development” of the CDU with loss of mandates

Paulo Raimundo was the first party leader to speak out about the elections

The general secretary of the PCP Paulo Raimundo assumed today that the CDU's result in the legislative elections constituted "a negative development", seeing the reduction of its parliamentary representation consummated and with a percentage below the 2022 results.

«The result of the CDU, with the reduction of its parliamentary representation and a percentage below what we achieved two years ago, means a negative development, but it nevertheless constitutes an important expression of resistance, with all the more value and meaning when its construction he had to face the prolonged environment characterized by hostility and belittlement», he declared.

Paulo Raimundo was the first party leader to speak out about the elections, at a time when the results had not yet been completely determined, and denounced the context surrounding the CDU in the pre-election period, invoking the «prolonged falsification of the PCP's positions , to feed anti-communist prejudices and narrow their space for growth».

He also pointed to the «promotion of reactionary forces and a fake dispute between two candidates for prime minister» as reasons for conditioning the electorate's choices, in an intervention held in a hotel next to the PCP headquarters, in Lisbon.

The communist leader began speaking shortly after 23pm, at a time when the Democratic Alliance (AD, which brings together PSD, CDS and PPM) was leading the counting of results, having considered this situation “a negative factor for the response and solution of problems” of the population and anticipating a “path of regression and attack on rights and favor of big capital”.

Paulo Raimundo also defended that the result of the AD “is ​​inseparable from the PS governance options”, associating this issue with the growth of Chega: “The promotion of right-wing politics, which generated injustice and legitimate discontent in the face of the accumulation of difficulties , favored demagogic speech, particularly from Chega”.

Considering that the communists have been “minorized and caricatured” over the last few months and that the PCP has been the target of a “brutal offensive”, the leader of the CDU warned that those who expected a disappearance from parliament were mistaken and that there continues to be “a long way to go”, not closing the door to a convergence to the left.

“The votes are counted, the final results are determined and the elected deputies are seen. Then, at the end, we'll talk. The deputies that the CDU elected and the votes it received will serve to be the first line of combat for the right”, he stressed.

The general secretary of the PCP also refuted a direct transfer of votes from the CDU to Chega, noting that “there is no possibility” of such a scenario, and left a warning to voters who voted for the party led by André Ventura.

“There were thousands and thousands of people who were dragged by a vote thinking that some solution would come out of it for their lives and they would find that no solution would come out of it. Some will return, others will leave that vote, I have no doubt about that. We've already seen this film. There is a part of people who voted thinking about the solution to their problems and who cast their votes in forces that will not solve any problem for them, on the contrary. They will worsen all the problems and this is the challenge we have ahead of us”, he concluded.

With more than 99% of the results recorded in this Sunday's legislative elections, the CDU accounts for 3,3% of the votes, having so far secured the election of three deputies to the Assembly of the Republic: Paulo Raimundo (Lisbon), Paula Santos (Setúbal) and Alfredo Maia (Porto).