For the first time, Fábrica da Cerveja will produce beer

The initiative will take place as part of the opening of the “Lúpulo” exhibition

Despite the name, beer was never produced in the old Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 23rd, LAC – Laboratory of Creative Activities (Lagos) promises to be the first to do so, with the help of the brewing company Man!a. 

The initiative will take place as part of the opening of the “Lúpulo” exhibition.

Despite this name, in the old Fábrica da Cerveja, in Vila Adentro (Faro), this drink was not produced. Yes, it was occupied for decades by Cervisul (southern beer and wine distribution company).

Basically, it functioned as a storage and distribution unit.

Now, as part of this exhibition, beer will actually be produced in this space, starting at 18pm this Saturday, with the help of the beer company Man!a, from Lagos.

Furthermore, the exhibition includes works by artists in residence at LAC, as well as its vast collection made up of works by nationally and internationally recognized artists, and will be on display until April 28th (Wednesday to Sunday) from 10am to 00pm and from 13pm to 00pm.

The exhibition is supported by ARCM – Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos and SRAF – Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense.


Inauguration Program (March 23)

↓ Fábrica da Cerveja:
16:00 pm – Opening of the Exhibition (LAC)
16pm – DJ Set by JC Music (Guest LAC)
17:00 pm – Screen Printing Workshop, with MadFildz (LAC Educational Service)
18:00 pm – Presentation of the Craft Beer production system, with Man!a (Guest LAC)
22h00 – Performance “A Consulta” with Bica, Vil and ZH (Live) (SRAF)
24h00 – DJ Set by DJ Taxman (SRAF)

21:30 pm – School combos concert (ARCM)
23pm – Psychles Concert (Band in Residence at LAC)