Passengers report a situation of chaos upon arrival at the airport Faro

PSP says that “the situation is already normalizing”

Who arrived at Gago Coutinho Airport, in Faro, this Easter Sunday, March 31st, there were long queues lasting several hours. 

The images sent by a reader to our newspaper show the hundreds of people standing and waiting to leave the airport. Faro.

According to the same source, the situation had already occurred yesterday.

In statements to the Correio da Manhã, an official PSP source confirmed the «occurrence of a peak in passenger arrivals this Sunday morning».

Despite having «all available staff working, with all document control booths open», the PSP states that «it took a while to let passengers on the flights that arrived in the morning go through».

According to the PSP, «the situation is already normalizing» during the afternoon.




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