“The Jews of Faro were the greatest European saviors in World War II

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O Sul Informação interviewed Algarve professor and researcher Maria João Raminhos Duarte about her most recent book «The Jews of the Algarve and the Holocaust – From Paradise to Hell», published by Colibri.

In this regard, he emphasizes that “the Jews of Faro They were the greatest European saviors in World War II, not only of other Jews, but also of opponents of Nazism and others who were persecuted.

But the author doesn't stop and on April 24th, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution and commissioned by Portimão City Council, she will launch the book «The Algarve in Transe – The crazy 60s and 70s in Portimão». It is the first time, she confesses, that she has written about a period in history in which she herself participated, as well as her friends and family.

The interview, long but very interesting, also addresses other aspects, such as the adventures in the life of Maria João Raminhos Duarte, which illustrate what it was like to be a child and young person during the years of the Dictatorship and then take advantage of the doors that opened, wide open, with the April 25, 1974.


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